Saturday 14 April 2012


Over the next few days 14th April 2012 until 17th April 2012. I am doing Promotional Spotlights on Books and Authors, and of course Reviews on Books about the Titanic, both factual and fictional.
I hope you enjoy reading about the books available as much as I did researching them and reading and reviewing some of them. I will continue to review the books I received after this initial feature and still post them on my blog too. I will probably be purchasing more Titanic books that I will also read and review for my blog in the future too. The Titanic is a subject that I find I am strangely attracted to.
I have actually already read and reviewed a couple of Titanic books previously on my blog before I had the idea of the Titanic Feature to coincide with the Centenary Anniversary of the tragedy,so I have provided links back to those posts below.

REVIEW HERE                                                                                           INTERVIEW HERE


I also have the following books left to read and review too.

I also have some Titanic books on my wishlist (covers pictured below), that I have yet to obtain to read and review.

I hope you continue to follow my Titanic Feature until it ends on 17th April 2012. though as I have said above I will still be reading Titanic books I manage to obtain and posting the reviews on my blog. I will add their links to the Titanic Feature page that I have decided to keep for the time being.

Hope you Enjoy!

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  1. I have read almost all of these..i have the Dressmaker on my list!