Sunday 8 April 2012


BLURB from Back of the Book

Phillipa loves ice cream. she loves ice cream almost as much as she loves her pet cat Little Miss Whickers. Little Miss Whiskers is her fluffy white cat with a purple collar and bell. She doesn't like ice cream at all but loves nothing more than to curl up into a ball and fall asleep on the end of Phillipa's bed.

One day Phillipa Knickerbocker Glory and Little Miss Whiskers embark on a deliciously exciting journey. through a secret tunnel, they enter a magical dreamland where they find the Ice Cream Castle and discover every flavour of ice cream imaginable. The Ice Cream Castle seems like a dream come true but will it be just how Phillipa imagined? With all that ice cream, will she and little miss Whiskers ever want to go home?

Find out what happens in this deliciously delightful adventure.....


Sarahjane sent me a copy of the book so that I could actually physically see the book and it's illustrations and so I could review the book too.
The colours on the cover are very girly in pinks and lilacs. The illustrations throughout the book continue on this simple child appealing, child friendly looking and girly theme of colours. The illustrations are nice and big and clear so are ideal for story time with a few children. You would be able to hold the book facing them and they would easily see the colourful pictures that depict the story. I could also imagine this book being read to a child by mum or grandmother as well as being read with the child joining in, learning to read using the book. It is a book that little girls would treasure. I know my daughter at a much younger age than now would have loved and cherished a book such as this! To be totally honest it is the type of book I would have adored as a child myself too.
The story involves ice cream, which lets face it most children love so I think the subject is great for children. This tale is an appealing magical fantasy one.
There is also a little moral hidden within the book about eating too much ice-cream. Or in an adult form "you can have too much of a good thing"
So did I enjoy the book? Yes all that was missing was the little girl to share it with. Would I recommend? Oh yes for little girls everywhere and for school groups, play groups etc.

Available from, £5.91 paperback

And as an extra treat check out Sarahjane's website for a FREE recipe and colouring in pages too!

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