Saturday 28 April 2012



He looked at her, his eyes flaring, icy blue lights shooting from his eyes. “How is it you’re here?”
     She took a step back. “What do you mean?”
     “You exist. How?”
     She frowned at him, her nose flaring. “I was born.”
     He took one step toward her, his mouth set in determination. “So was I a long time ago.”
      “Things happened, Luk. I had to grow up. I couldn’t—” She looked at the refrigerator case in frustration. “I couldn’t pretend anymore.”
     “Am I pretend?” he growled, taking a step toward her.
     She looked up and blinked. She was surrounded by the warmth of his body as he crowded her space.
     His eyes, consuming and raw, sucked her breath away.
     “I don’t know,” she whispered.
     Like the unborn wrath of a tiger unleashed, he grabbed her waist and head, crushing her against him. His teeth ravished her lips, demanding them to open. His hands dug into her hair, pulling it loose in unruly waves.
     She couldn’t breathe. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to. This man, this solid and real man, made her feel something she hadn’t felt in a long time.
     She opened her mouth to him, pushing herself onto the balls of her feet to deepen the kiss. She ran her tongue along his, gasping as his teeth gripped it, raking it.
     She molded her body into his.
     He growled, pulling his lips from hers. His head against hers, he pushed her toward the glass door of the refrigerator case, pushing her back and up.
     She cried out, her eyes opening in surprise. “Luk,” she said breathlessly, caressing his face with soft, needy hands. “My Luk.”
     He growled again, deeper, claiming her, the intensity of his gaze, telling her without words she was his.
     She looked into his eyes and met his lips halfway.
     With a hungry, forceful sigh, he melted into her body.
     They both felt the heat of the kiss, so different than the first. This was primal. This was about claiming. This was about territory.
     This was about power.
     They closed their eyes, letting the emotions rack their bodies as they rocked against each other. The heat built inside them, their bodies touching.
     Her head came up as she sucked in air at the same moment the milk jugs in the case behind them exploded with a loud, multi-shot pop.
     They looked at each other, the spell broken but the result still apparent. Turning, she looked in surprise and amazement at the milk-painted case.
     His face was bright red.

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  1. Aww... his face was bright red! That's.... kind of cute!! <3 This looks good!!