Tuesday 24 April 2012


BLURB from Goodreads

Jessica McClain was born the only female in an all male race. The only problem is-she's no wolf. Called a curse, a witch and the Daughter of Evil by the superstitious wolves, Jessica decides to fight for her freedom, at age nineteen, the only way she can-in the ring. 

When she's brutally attacked right after her fight, is it enough to finally earn her freedom off Compound, or will she be forced to endure the hatred even longer . . . 


This novella introduces us to Jessica McClain and her family which consists of, her father Cain (the Alpha), her twin brother Tyler. Then there's Danny who joined the pack from England and is great friends with Tyler. Nick is a fox shifter who Cain adopted into the pack and is close to Jessica and Tyler too. There is a myth about a female who is born into the pack who will be responsible for the downfall of the Werewolf race, so naturally there are some in the pack who literally seem to hate Jessica. Jessica is in constant danger, constantly being picked at by the other wolves. Jessica decides to take a stand and that is where the novella begins, right in the middle of the action! You are instantly on Jessica's side of the fight (well I certainly was)This novella is definitely packed with action. The description is done very well and keeps you interested. Some action scenes I have read kind of get boring part way but this one does not, it keeps you hooked into the action.
So did I enjoy the novella? Yes I didn't want to put it down! Would I read more by Amanda Carlson/this series? Definitely and finally would I recommend it? Yes especially to those who have read Kelley Armstrong's Women Of The Otherworld or Rachel Vincent's Shifter series, though obviously in both series the females were werewolves too. In this book Jessica does not shift, though we don't know if that may change.....Final thoughts? What a grrreat start to a series! Can't wait to read more!

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