Saturday 18 February 2012


Five thousand years ago, the gods abandoned their homes on earth, and its entire people, Fae and Human alike, to their fate. Deprived of the protection of the gods, Rakadamon tried to enslave humanity and the Fae. He was defeated and banished from this realm, but now he is rising once more, sending his Dark Children and Twisted Ones to prepare the way.

The survival and freedom of humans and the Fae will depend on an orphan adopted into an unwelcoming society. Deprived of the Knowledge he must find his way, learn of his Talents and find the others like him. He is in a race against the Dark forces. Will he reach them all in time? Will they be strong enough to once more defeat the Dark Master? If he should fail, it would mean destruction, death, and enslavement of humans and fae alike.

Available, £1.53 on Kindle.

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