Wednesday 8 February 2012


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Voices Behind the Tears, is an anthology created by over 20 authors, writers, and poets, ranging in ages from 12 and up. They have all come together along with Saving Lives Through Lit to help bring attention to the Abuse and Violence that quietly goes on in many homes. Through true, fictionalized and excerpts, these talented, gifted contributors bring you stories to move you deeply.
It is their hope you will join them and SLTL (Saving Lives Through Lit )to help give aid to the agencies that assist these families... Proceeds from sales of this book will go to those various agencies.....

I have been reading this book a while as it not only has the poetry, and stories/novellas in it, it also has a piece from each contributor with a short piece about why they wanted to contribute to the book and a little of their own tale of Violence. I think you need to read some then...think and digest what you have read before you continue with the book.
I suppose many would shy away from wanting to read a book such as this but without this type of book and the contributors to it domestic violence stays hidden and "brushed under the carpet". More books of this type are needed to bring this serious and often deadly thing called Domestic Violence into the public glare. By educating people about such situations I personally feel, it help those who are suffering to come forward and obtain the help they need. I have both seen and lived through Domestic Violence, I left, but stupidly went back and believed the promises of "it won't happen again" "I didn't mean it" he even went so far as to say I brought it on myself that I was at fault. as I said I went back and for a while things were quieter, then little slips here and there happened and soon it was as bad if not worse than originally so I found the courage, totally on the spur of the moment and found the courage from something my nine year old daughter said to leave for good.
As the contributors to this book show its not an easy option to leave or stay for that matter and only the person who is being abused can decide when enough is enough and when to leave.
Back to the book, I smiled, I teared up, sometimes the tears rolled too and I felt companionship from those who contributed to the book knowing they had been through similar to me, that it wasn't my fault as it wasn't their fault either. I think its very brave of them to share their tales and poetry.
So would I recommend this book? Of course as everyone should read this to give themselves an image/feeling of what its like to live with and through Domestic Violence. Also proceeds from sales of the book go to agencies that help survivors of domestic violence. I think we should have an anthology of tales depicting domestic violence etc over here in the UK with proceeds going to the appropriate agencies.

Available, £3.33 Proceeds from sales of this book will go to those various agencies.....

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