Saturday 18 February 2012


On the night he was awarded the Turner prize for his art, Jason learned that his fiancée, and fellow artist Catherine, had killed herself. Worse, it was a suicide pact. She had leapt off a cliff, hand in hand with her secret lover – with a video camera set up to record the event as their final artwork. 

Devastated by this, at first Jason contemplates killing himself too. However he finds himself compelled to discover just what Catherine meant by the cryptic comments she made to the camera just before she jumped. 

Jason starts on a journey that will take him both across London and back through the memories of his past relationship with Catherine in the hedonist art world of the nineteen-nineties as he unearths the many hidden lives that she has led. 

A journey that will end with a shocking conclusion when Jason discovers Catherine’s ultimate artwork. 

A dark mystery. A gripping thriller. An erotic romance. A work of art.

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