Wednesday 29 February 2012


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In the world of Delirium, love is a disease. And like all eighteen-year-olds, Lena and Hana must take the cure.At the start of their last summer of freedom, they were the closest of friends. Until Hana made a decision that tore them apart . . . In Delirium, we heard from Lena. Now, Hana gets to tell her side of the story. And nothing is what we first thought. Hana is a powerful, moving and beautifully told original eBook short story, with a shocking twist that will leave you with your heart in your mouth.

I have to admit I don't always read the "in between" books such as this one but as a fan of Lauren Oliver, I had to read this one, the more I thought about it the more I wanted to know what had been going on with Hana during Lena's story with Alex. I read this in one go as I just didn't want to put it down! I really enjoyed seeing what Hana had been up to, and seeing things from Hana's prospective too. I have already read Pandemonium (I was so lucky that Lauren Oliver sent me an ARC to review). So some would say by reading Delirium and then Pandemonium and then Hana I kind of read Hana out of the order it was  meant to be in, but it really didn't matter, I truly enjoyed it. I slipped straight back into Delirium, and what had happened when etc. Lauren Oliver writes so well you just slide straight through the story with such ease she just carries you along with her and the book. This book made me want book three all the more.... and also made me wonder if we could have a short book like Hana but from Alex's point of view perhaps it could go along and tell us what happens to him when Lena makes it over the fence? or maybe we could have a spin off book telling us all about what's happened to Lena's mother and her story? I honestly cannot get enough of this series of books, I would really like more, more, more please!
So did I enjoy the book/novella? Yes, so much I would dearly love more of them! Would I recommend it? Yes I would, you could read the series without reading this novella but this novella really adds even more to the story so I recommend reading it too.

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And just to remind you all, though I am sure you don't need reminding that Pandemonium is OUT TODAY! see my review here


  1. Wow! Now I need to read Pandemonium.

  2. Fantastic review! I think you may have turned me onto the in between books as you call them! I am absolutely hooked on Delirium and must get a copy of Pandemonium like ASAP! lol. Hana although a little quarky in Delirium almost saddening because of how at first Lena and hers friendship almost got broken, but I came to love Hana even more through it all. Wonderful Jeanz!

    PS: New follower :D hehe.

  3. You are not the only blogger I follow to review this book today, I think I better check it out! :) I linked to your review on my blog today:

  4. Your review is really good and I'm interested in this novella. I'm returning your visit and now following your blog. Look forward to your reviews.

    Jess@ Jessy's Bookends