Monday 3 August 2015


Title: Water Weaver
Series: Wraidd Elfennol
Author: Megan Sheppard
Cover designed by: Michelle Dounglas
Genre: YA, Epic Fantasy
Release Date: September 2015

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The young maiden Marella was born to the island of Wraidd Elfennol, a place balanced by the four elements of nature - Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The essence of each element was contained in sacred artefacts ensuring the balance of life.
Every year, people from across the island gathered for the Summer Solstice. It was at this celebration that the Lords and Ladies of Wraidd Elfennol made an astounding announcement. The sacred artefacts had gone missing. They then proclaimed that four people, one linked to each element, had been selected to restore the balance.
Marella and her otter Nixie, her life partner, were chosen because of their link to the element of Water. Along with her, three others were chosen, each one in-tune to a different element.
The four companions, along with their animal partners, must embark on a quest, to either find and return the missing artifacts or somehow create new ones before the next Summer festival.

Failure is not an option or the world as they know it, will cease to exist.

I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend and a lover.  I am many things, been given many labels but I can say that I am just ‘simple complicated’ me. 
Always a prolific reader and dabbler in my younger days with short stories, poems and limericks, I am currently working on my first novel ‘Water Weaver’ and I am enjoying the process although it is very different from writing stories as a schoolgirl!
My favourite quote is “You have to “aim high and reach for your dreams”, favourite colour is rich purple and favourite food would be chocolate! My favourite time of day is night-time and I love the moon in all her beautiful phases. My favourite season has always been Autumn/Fall. I love the rain and thunderstorms.
I welcome your company as I walk my path.


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