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Title: Lion's Share
Series: Wildcats
(Spin Off From: Shifters )
Author: Rachel Vincent
Genre: Were Shifter
Release Date: 23rd February 2015

BLURB from Goodreads
Abby Wade has a dangerous secret.

Two months ago, she disobeyed an order, but instead of kicking her out of the Pride, Jace offered her a job. Since then, she’s been battling a completely inappropriate crush on the young, hot Alpha. But when accepting his job offer seems like the only way to keep her skeletons safely in their closet, Abby doesn’t hesitate. 

Jace Hammond has a big problem.

A rogue is slaughtering humans in his territory, and he must eliminate the threat before the entire shifter species is exposed. There could not be a worse time for Abby to accept a job he only offered as a boost to her confidence. Abby is smart, beautiful, and resilient—more than enough to distract any man from the mission. Unfortunately, she may just be the worst enforcer ever to hold the title. 

As they hunt the killer, Abby’s secret becomes a threat to Jace’s authority and to her own life. But the real danger is the grip she has on his twice-shy heart.


As I totally adored the Shifters Series by Rachel Vincent, it was a no-brainer that I would definitely want to read this spin off series. I consider myself as a Rachel Vincent Shifter Series fan so to say I have high expectations for the Wildcats series is a bit of an understatement! 

I purchased a kindle copy of this book from amazon UK. As I have said above I do consider myself a Rachel Vincent Shifters Series fan so couldn't resist purchasing this one. I also should add that though the Shifter Series was published by Mira Books, the Wildcats Series is self published by Rachel herself. The Cover features a female who I'd presume to be Abigail Wade with her gorgeous red hair! leaning up against Abby is Jace Hammond(gorgeous werecat hunk) leant towards her kissing her. phew quite a hot cover really!
So would the cover encourage me to pick this one up from a bookstore shelf? The cover certainly attracts the eye and then the imagination so yes I'd say this cover works well. Both the characters featured on the cover correspond to the imagery the book gives me for them.
I admit I kind of did things the wrong way round in that I read this book before realising there was a novella which bridged the Shifters Series to Wildcats Series. Having said that it really didn't affect my enjoyment of either this book or the bridging novella by doing so.
So this book begins with Abby being on campus at school, she has transferred to the Appalation Pack being run by new younger than normal Alpha Jace Hammond. It was necessary for Abby to switch packs to attend the college she wanted, as the Kentucky College is right in Appalachian territory. Abby does still secretly crushes on new Alpha Jace Hammond, and has done so since she was just 15 years old. Abby is quite happy at college living and studying in the Appalachian territory, it's the cold that bothers her most as she is more accustomed to the hotter weather of her home in South Carolina. Abby is handling "the incident" of her kidnap and the horrendous slaughter of her friends during a camping trip. (The trip is covered more in Hunt, Shifters 6.5 novella) quite well on the surface even though she struggles with nightmares, and room mate Robyn Sheffield is the only one that knows and as she was on the camping trip also understands the horror of the "incident" from first hand experiencing it. Abby has planned to stay over at campus with Robyn for the holidays but there's a pack-related situation that is becoming a possible danger to her, so her Alpha father has sent Jace to bring her to a meeting and her to then fly home for the holidays. Naturally Abby protests, repeating her plans to stay over with Robyn on campus, but her father Alpha and her current Alpha, Jace insist on her going home. It seems Abby is very reluctant to leave Robyn alone and makes sure her friend promises to ring her is she should need her for anything. When Abby hears about the people being killed in the Appalachian territory and the strays going missing it's quite clear to see she knows much more about this situation than she is letting on. A preoccupied Jace doesn't think to push Abby for answers putting her reluctance to speak is perhaps due to the old "camping incident". But Abby has a hidden agenda, and will do anything to protect her friend Robyn who is also caught up in the action. Another reason Abby doesn't want to spend the holidays with her family is the fact that once she has her degree she will have to meet the proposal of a wedding and having babies to further the werecat race. There aren't that many tabbys, so they are usually married off quite young and are resigned to having babies and continuing to do so until they have at least one female baby and then the cycle begins over. Tabbys are somewhat spoilt and are well protected so its a shock when Abby manages to trick Jace Hammond into making her an enforcer on his team and allowing her on the current case that she seems to be quite obsessed and very knowledgeable about too. Abby also has to face her intended husband and cope with the conclusion that she is without a doubt not in love with him. Her heart doesn't beat faster when she hears his voice or at the prospect of meeting up with him, not in the way it does with Jace Hammond! In returning her former fiance's ring she makes some bad feelings towards her and Jace. In fact something Abby has done\known about comes to give those with bad feelings towards her and Jace the prime opportunity to seek and receive a nasty revenge of sorts. Sorry if this sounds a bit cryptic, it will all fall into place as you read the book.
We get a catch up with the other tabby's from the Shifters Series, Faythe an Alpha of her own territory as well as a wife and mother, Manx who married Owen and they have their family too. I really enjoyed re-visiting the older characters as well as the central plot around the perhaps lesser explored characters that appeared in the Shifter's Series.
Mmm favourite character's in this one. . . that's a hard one because I love all the characters really, even the more old fashioned "a tabby's place is home making babies" have their place within the pack and this book. Obviously I truly love Abby and the gorgeous Jace Hammond and can't wait to hear what happens next for the two werecats. As for one of the other characters in the book I genuinely liked a lot was Robyn. Robyn has been through a heck of a lot after the "camping trip incident"and there are lots more changes to put up with and become accustomed to, she is so loyal to Abby too.
So did I enjoy the book? Oh yes, every word and every chapter. Loved the whole book!
Would I recommend the book? If you read and loved the Shifter's Series, then this spin off series is a must read for you.
Would I be interested in reading more of this series? Thoroughly captured by it already after just one book. Already looking forward to more!
Would I read other books by Rachel Vincent? I am actually reading Menagerie now. A completely different pace and plot to the first Wildcats book but still enjoying. I also have The Stars Never Rise to read too.

Oh wow! Oh Jace! Oh Abby! Oh Rachel Vincent I soooo loved it! What an ending! An ending that hints at many new beginnings! A catch up with older favourite characters from the Shifter's Series. Further introductions and a more in depth look at some lesser known character from the Shifter's Series, as well as meeting some new characters too. I am wholly captivated by this series already and super enthusiastic to read more and more!   

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