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ISBN: 9780615608327
Publisher: Laughing Moon
Pages: 334
Formats Available: Paperback, Kindle

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New Edition (February 2012) 
***Edited by Sara-Jayne Slack, Inspired Quill Press***

The Tylers have a perfect life--beautiful home, established careers, two sweet and talented daughters. Their eldest, Leah, an exceptional soccer player, is on track for a prestigious scholarship. Their youngest, Justine, more responsible than seems possible for her 12 years, just wants her sister's approval. With Leah nearing the end of high school and Justine a seemingly together kid, the parents are set to enjoy a peaceful life...until Leah meets Todd, a former roadie for a rock band.

As Leah's parents fight to save their daughter from a world of drugs, sex, and wild parties, their divided approach drives their daughter out of their home and a wedge into their marriage. Meanwhile, twelve-year-old Justine observes her sister's rebellion from the shadows of their fragmented family-leaving her to question whether anyone loves her and if God even knows she exists.

Can this family survive in Leah's wake? What happens when love just isn't enough?

Nominated Global eBook Award (New Edition, 2012)
Book Bundlz 2011 Book Pick
Book Bundlz Book Club 2011 Favourites - First Place

This is another book my daughter read and then passed on to me as she thought I too may enjoy the book. The cover represents the fact that Leah has moved on from being the younger child happier to play on the swing in the garden tree. Now Leah is off on her own making her own mistakes and the swing sways away in the wind alone, no longer wanted.
I wasn't so sure I would enjoy this one so much, a wayward teen, who needed a firm hand the little so and so...etc etc were my initial thoughts. Then I started reading and realized the book wasn't just about Leah. Yes, the title is "In Leah's Wake", so it's not just about Leah, it's about those who are left In Leah's Wake. The book seems to give you the situation from all sides of the story, so you know what the Tyler parents differing views are as well as the feelings of Justine who seems to be the only one with a true adult attitude. Leah easily pushed Justine aside dismissing her as just a child yet it is Justine that Leah turns to, when she want someone to cover for her.
Its a well written book that grabs your attention and makes you want to continue reading.
I won't spoil the book by giving anything away about what happens, you need to discover that yourself be reading the book.
Did I enjoy the book? Yes, Would I read more by Terry, or another book in this series? Yes to both. Would you recommend to others? Yes for all ages.

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