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ISBN: 9781447216063
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
Pages: 416
Formats Available: Paperback, Kindle

BLURB from Goodreads
Stand by as Riley prepares to kick some serious demon butt for the last time in this thrilling, dramatic and sexy conclusion to The Demon Trappers series.

Riley’s always known that Beck had a chequered history, but she’s not prepared for what it actually means to be in love with a guy with this many dark secrets. Now that he’s finally admitted to himself that he’s in love with her too, there’s no more hiding the truth about his past. And as it turns out, fending off a demon apocalypse is nothing compared to what’s to come......

I received a paperback of this book in exchange for my honest review. I had to start reading it the day it arrived through the post too! (Thankyou to Jana Oliver,Macmillan & Lorraine)
Aaaah Once again I love the cover. the determined look in Riley's eyes is so plain to see. Riley is prepared to kick butt whoever's and whatever's! The scene also depicts the swamp where some of the action in this book is based. The cover is great as it matches my other paperbacks. It's a rarity for me to hold onto books after i have read them, but, this is one set of books that will be remaining, in pride of place on my bookshelves for the far foreseeable future.
Now to the book, wow I could go on and on and on but have to be so very careful as I want to give NO spoilers, as this book is a must read and I would have hated someone to have spoilt it for me. I read this book in just two sitting and finished at about 1am one morning! I seriously love this book, in fact I love the book series.
Jana Oliver has super action packed this last book in the series! You will need the tissues if you are a Demon Trapper fan as I am. So what can I actually say about this book. Well we eventually learn about Denver Beck's deepest darkest secrets. So does Riley still love him when she finds out? You need to read the book to find out for yourselves! I can only give my opinion on how I felt after learning of Denver's past life and his deep dark secrets. I have to say your heart almost breaks and splinters for this guy so very many times in this book. I think finally learning Beck's secrets made me look at him slightly differently, in awe and made me love him even more.
So how is Riley doing in this book? This time around it's Riley's turn to support Beck. Beck supported Riley in the last book through the trauma of her fathers death and reanimation. Now it's Riley that has to help Beck through his mother, Sadie dying. Will beck and sadie ever make any kind of peace with each other before it's too late? when is it too late to make your peace? But will Beck allow Riley close enough to help? Will he let her in? Will he allow her to love him?
Riley finally learns why Beck doesn't like visiting Sadie when she meets the hard woman herself. Riley also experiences how the other country folk treat Beck.
Ori is also in this book , will he ever gain any peace? Will he betray or support Lucifer? Can Sartael be killed? If so who can kill him and how? a divine is not the easiest of races to kill, even if it's by the hand of one of their own. Who is the most dangerous and who will end up ruling Hell?
My favourite characters? Riley & Beck of course, then there's Master Stewart who seems to see and know all. Even Harper seems to be mellowing in this book. then there's how Peter, Riley's friend has developed and his relationship with Simi, Riley's wacky haired friend. there are also lots of more background characters like Riley's neighbour. I even have a little soft spot for Rileys pet demon!
So to sum up this book is action packed, edgy, unique and dramatic. It features past old hurts that are re-opened, as well as old hurts laid to rest. It has undying, unquestioning love and friendship.
So did I enjoy the book? Yesss! I loved it! Thought it was Brilliant! Fantastic! Would I read more books by Jana Oliver? Yes of course! Would I recommend? Definitely!
So as it was the last in the series how did the book leave me feeling? Like I had been through a torrent of emotions but at the very end you fell peace....
A hundred thank-you's to Jana Oliver for writing this fantastic, too good for words to describe series of books. I am looking forward to what she will write next and will certainly be reading it, whatever it is. 

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