Tuesday 7 August 2012


Publisher: Creatspace/Self
Pages: 270
Formats Available: Kindle, Paperback

BLURB from Goodreads
Tea, trust and trouble meet at Fairy Cake Junction When divorcee, Luna Devere, owner of Faerie Cake Junction, meets general contractor, Devin Radford, chaos reigns. Devin instantly wreaks romantic havoc in Luna's life after she finds a corpse sitting in her tea shop as though awaiting tea. The tea shop is surrounded by faerie folk who have befriended Luna. They know who left the dead man, but aren't sharing. The sheriff is convinced Luna is daft and that she's the culprit. Devin wonders just how odd Luna is...even though he's drawn to her. And Luna's ex-husband tries to incriminate her for reasons and purposes of his own.

I was given this e-book in exchange for an honest review to be used as part of the Innovative Online Book Tours Blog Tour. This is Bk 1 in the Luna Devere Series. I like the colours on the book cover, and I understand the scales element as being a reference to the "scales of justice", and obviously the cupcakes are Luna's business. I think the image of the woman points to the book being perhaps a little racy which it wasn't. To be totally truthfully I think the image of the woman is slightly off putting as I imagine from reading the book that Luna is more of a Samantha from Bewitched type, which yes is good looking and perhaps sexy but more of a wholesome imaged person. Luna is a strong woman underneath her perhaps "fluffy headed" image. Luna has built a bustling, successful business selling cupcakes in her tearooms and hand maid gifts in the attached gift shop. Annie and Dilly are her employees, though they have a great relationship with Luna and consider themselves friends.
I did enjoy the book it's a fairly light quick read, it has mystery, murder and a little mayhem thrown in! There's the romance between Luna and Devin. Luna has escaped an awful marriage and thinks that section f her life is over. then one day Thomas (her ex) turns up and tells her he is going to be her business partner. Luna is having building work done an Devin has been recommended. There's a frisson on chemistry between them straight off though Luna will not admit it. Luna finds it had to trust after her marriage, Thomas tried to have her committed. You see Luna believes in faeries, in fact Luna talks to them on a regular basis. What will Devin think when he realises? Will Thomas get half of Luna's business?
It's a great mystery book. with some romance and paranormal (in the shape of faeries and pixies)thrown in. well worth reading. 
So did I enjoy it? Yes, Would I read more in the series or by this author? Yes would I recommend it? Yes I am going to pass it on to my mum for her opinion. 

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