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ISBN: 9781458019
Publisher: Intelligent Life Books
Pages: 400
Format Available: Paperback, Kindle

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What will reality TV do next? Kaylie Adams is about to find out, as she joins FBC’s new hit reality TV show: Canceled. A sort of “Abortion Idol,” the American viewing audience votes weekly: keep the baby, or terminate. When FBC studio executive Jake Granville learns he’s the father – and realizes he wants to be a dad – TV’s hottest new show suddenly gets very personal. But a contract is a contract. In a nation obsessed with turning the deeply private into a public freak show, opportunistic network executives push Kaylie and Jake – and America’s nerve – to the limit.

Canceled: The Story of America’s Least Wanted pillories reality TV the way Thank You for Smoking parodies the tobacco debate and The Truman Show takes people-watching to a whole new level. You may hate it, you may love it, but you will definitely remember it.

America may choose the fate of Kaylie’s unborn baby, but only you can decide if you have the audacity to read this groundbreaking novel.


This title had featured in my pondering purchasing, and I considered long and hard before purchasing as at £10 I found it expensive for a paperback. though I should point out it is a decent sized paperback.
I think the cover is perfect. It shows the pregnant stomach of Kaylie, the main character in the book with the title canceled across it in larger letters. Basically this cover is telling us the book is about a pregnancy and the possibility of it being literally Canceled!
I was initially a little disappointed, looking back I am not sure what I expected for the book, but it didn't begin as I thought it would.
After a couple of reading sessions I settled into the book, and ended up being drawn into the book more and enjoying it. At first I tried to remain objective on the subject of abortion, as that in itself is a controversial subject. then throw into the mix of this decision being set as happening in a reality TV show, it makes you really think and question your TV habits and your own core beliefs. 
My first thoughts were what sort of person agree's to let total strangers decide the fate of her baby? Then you read more about Kaylie and her upbringing and her inner turmoil on subconsciously knowing what she wants to do yet not wanting to face that reality. The book puts different views over such when do you decide "a fetus" is "viable" or actually "human".
You have all different "experts" that are featured on the show and their official cases and then their own opinions too. 
I don't want to give away the plot so won't go much deeper into things.
There is also the Reality TV angle covered in the book, the so called 24 hour filming that is then cut to suit what they (TV Bosses) want to show in that particular weeks program.
There is a wide range of characters with varying views on termination. We have Dr Cho who is the Obn/Gyn whose personal view is pro-life, and she believes to give birth in a hospital environment surrounded with technology is the safest option.
There's Molly the Midwife, who is portrayed as a bit of a hippy midwife into burning incense, massages and relaxation music. (Rather like a midwife I came across whilst having my daughter, so they do exist in real life!).
Of course there is a Health Adviser (Vanessa) in the mix who seems extremely pro-abortion, at times I was quite uncomfortable with her views.
Len is a counselor/psychiatrist who does not give his own opinion on the abortion until the very end of the book.
Dr Ian is the "Abortion Doctor" who seems to believe in freedom of choice of the mother.
All these differing views of professionals mixed with the views of Kaylie's family along with the TV watching American public views, it's no wonder Kaylie is feeling confused! Surely it should really come down to the views of two people? Kaylie and Jake the parents of the baby. Since Kaylie signed her contract she is bound by that, even if she decides what she wants she is no longer in control. This book really does take the Reality TV phenomenon to the extreme! I truthfully could see this as a movie. 
So did I enjoy the book? Yes. Would I recommend it? For a deeper more thoughtful read yes.  It could certainly be a conversation starter. Would I read more by Michael D. Britton? Yes

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