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BLURB from Goodreads
The settings of these stories - 1980s New York City, 1950s Brooklyn, Las Vegas, an exurban town post-9/11 - are as diverse as the rich palette of characters drawn with heart, humor, and sensuality. With a sharp sense of the telling detail, Deborah Batterman weaves narratives around the everyday symbols in our world and their resonance in our lives.

Honestly, I found this one a little difficult to get through. That is not to say that this book is poorly written. I found that I read more of the book by reading the individual stories in between other book reviews. I could see these individual stories being printed in the big name Women's Magazine's. The stories are detailed, and as the blurb above says are about everyday objects that we all have in our own homes.
The one I felt I liked the most was actually the first one titled SHOES, the way the daughter identified with her mother and was trying to tell her mother to leave her father if she really wasn't happy etc, I actually felt I identified most closely with that one too.
Some of the stories may seem light and fluffy, but when you read them there is a deeper moral or meaning to them.
To be honest these stories are not specifically the genres I usually read so read between other reviews where    a change from the norm.
So did I enjoy it? I thought the individual stories were good. Would I recommend? Probably, to friends who would read this type of genre.

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