Friday, 23 March 2012


Excerpt from Ever Shade (A Dark Faerie Tale):


The blue fire glowed around her, crackling and popping all around. The walls seemed to be so close to her,enveloping her like a cocoon. She stood up from the ground where she had woken.

Is this real? A dream? She did not know.

She felt the walls around her. Nothing but hard, cool stone and the sound of
her own breath echoed around her. The fire came from the other side of the
room. It stood like a pillar, the size of a man. In fact, as she stared longer
into the flowing flames, the image of a man surfaced on the fire. She gasped.
The man’s eyes were closed and his hands laid crossed over each other on the
hilt of a gleaming sword. The blade glowed with blue fire too. Its hilt was
made of red dark rubies that bled a deep red fire. It glowed down his middle,
red, like blood flowing from his hands down the blade of the sword. 

Shade walked towards him, asking who he was. He didn’t respond to her inquiries, no matter how much she pleaded with him. She kept walking towards him slowly, her feet were bare but they did not feel cold on the stones like she thought they
should. Her heart pounded in her throat as she reached towards the man. Help
me, she whispered to him, her voice faint and weak. Her fingers were almost
about to touch the blue flame engulfing his body. She felt afraid, not knowing
if the flames would burn or scald her hand. She needed to wake him, to make him
help her out of this place, this tomb. Her fingers were just a bit away now.

His eyes flew open, bright white light poured out of them and his mouth as he opened it.

A sound quite like loud ethereal music filled her ears to the point she had to cover them. The music seemed to scream into her. The words came now and were almost booming with the deafening music.


Shade screamed.

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