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The complete Island series
Regular price $4.99 - only $2.99 this weekend!

Some of you may have already read my dystopian books The Island, The Waves, and The Deep, but just in case you haven't... here is your chance to snap up a copy of the entire series for $2.99 this weekend! These three books normally add up to $5.99. The omnibus is available for $2.99 as a special price this weekend on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iTunes, and Google Play.

All three books of the Island series in one volume – The Island Trilogy is the perfect young adult dystopian read if you are looking for something different than usual!

From the isolated island of Tresco to the wild moors of Dartmoor, this far-reaching tale of lost children, strange belief systems and shattered societies will make you wonder about our own culture, today’s world, and our place in it. How much of that world do we take for granted without asking why things are the way they are?

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Included in this collection are:

THE ISLAND - On one side of the Island’s great Wall, children must abandon their parents and fend for themselves from the age of ten. Leia is used to it — but she’s always been curious about what lies beyond. Then she meets Walt, a young man from the other side of the Wall, where the Fools live...

THE WAVES – Walt lives in Hope Harbor, a pious town inhabited by people who patiently waits for the Goddess to come to the Island one day. She will take them away and save them. Or will she? When Walt’s best friend and future leader of Hope Harbor is silenced when he questions the religion of old, Walt sets out and discovers the shocking truth about the island they live on and the people beyond the Wall.

THE DEEP – Leia and Walt sail away to the legendary world of Cornwall. They’ve been told that all wars of the past have been forgotten and the people there live in peace, adhering to the tenets of an old religion that preaches forgiveness and non-violence. However, on a trip to Exeter, the ancient city of their ancestors, they discover more about the new world than they ever bargained for.

What can I say about THE ISLAND SERIES?

Firstly I was super - lucky enough to be contacted early on in the series by the Author and have read each book in this series prior to their release. I have enjoyed them from beginning to end. 

And now About The Series I can say:

I’d say this series is more in a quirky dystopian genre than a straight dystopian. The roots of the plot are well thought out, and Book 1 sets the sturdy foundations for more to come.  In Book 1 we learnt about the manor house side of the dividing wall. In Book 2 we learn about the other side of the dividing wall, Hope Habor and it’s residents. This instalment entices the reader with the notions of what is really on the other side of the water. In Book 3 we go on the journey to the other side of the water, and discover what and who is there. There's an amazing twist at the end that points to the possibilities lots more to come and I do really hope that Jen continues to write about these characters, their relationships and their trials and tribulations. Upon completing this series I felt myself yearning for even more. . . 

This is what other reviewers said about the series:

"A simple, fluid way of writing... The foundation the author gives to her characters and the society they are part of is very inventive and visual." Jennifer Murgia, author of the Angel Star series

"Her characters are full of the vitality of youth, the yearning for a life that feels right and the desire to overcome the fears and prejudices of the unknown, while making the unknown become another tool to learning. Sometimes dark, but always entertaining and thought provoking, Jen Minkman’s world has become a favorite of mine." Dii, Top 500 reviewer on Amazon

"This is a lovely read full of whimsical ideas and interesting concepts.(...) there are unlikely heroes, and themes of sorrow, hope and redemption from places you wouldn't expect. This author always has a surprise or two up her sleeve when you don't see it coming." Ionia Martin, Top 500 Reviewer on Amazon.

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