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I have decided to devote some on my blog to promoting books with a more educational theme to them. the ones featured today are all about a medical condition which is heart breakingly difficult to deal with. I know only too well having family member whom has this awful memory robbing disease, Alzheimer's. The first book in this Promotion is aimed at children. 

Green Kitty" is a children's book that was written to help explain dementia/Alzheimer's diseased for the unique age group of 8-12 year olds and it's the only book for that age level available. It has placed as a finalists twice as entertaining children's fiction; USA Book News "Best Books 2011" and "International Book of the Year 2012"

The story revolves around a grandchild visiting a grandmother recently placed in assisted living in the early stages of her illness and helpful information is deftly woven into the story line. Reviewers have said that it's a book for all ages and shows what true family love is all about. What I have loved most is the emails from families telling me how it helped their children understand what is going on with their grandparents. 

Would you consider doing a review of my book for your blog? I can send as a PDF or give codes for i devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, or the iPad.

It is currently available from the iTunes' iBookstore and on the Nook Book. There is a color illustrated book and a more affordable B&W version is in the works.

It will be included in an advocacy packet that is being developed called "Paladin" -  Family Advocacy for Alzheimer's Disease"  which will include:
* list of blogs about Alzheimer's 
* list of available books about this illness for both children and adults
* list of medical supply sources online
* sources for journals for families to keep track of medications, visits by family, friends,doctor visits, etc.
* websites related to dementia
* sources for clothing for patients
* the 24/7 helpline for the Alzheimer's Association
* a sample of a POA
* sample of living wills/advance directive including the veteran's one which is valid for all states
* information about the new wrist band program for hospital visits
* links for GPS systems for wanderers and medical ID bracelets 
* links for food thickeners for those that develop swallowing problems
* four books 

The books chosen to be included are: "His Name Was Merle - Out Journey Through Alzheimer's Disease", - "Green Kitty", which can be read to children under the age of 8 and is aimed at 9-12 year olds, "Staying Afloat In A Sea of Forgetfulness", by Gary Joseph LeBlanc which is 300+ pages of excellent advice to help manage behavioral problems, and "Color Me Your Way", an activity book for the patient. 


ISBN: 978-1452017365
Publisher:  AuthorHouse
Pages/File Size:  100pages
Formats Available: Paperback

BLURB from Goodreads
Called a book for all ages, Green Kitty was written for children ages 8 to 12 to help explain Alzheimer's disease and dementia, and is both entertaining and educational. It was a finalist for both USA Book News "Best Books 2011" and "International Book of the Year 2012" in children's fiction, and is filled with true, laugh-out-loud animal antics. Green Kitty will please any child who loves their pets and parents will enjoy reading it out loud to younger children.
It is a series of stories within a story with a grandmother that recalls old anecdotes, mostly about family pets, for a visiting grandchild. The grandmother has recently been placed into assisted living due to her dementia and their bond grows stronger through the visits despite the illness. Helpful information about Alzheimer's disease is deftly woven into the work.
Green Kitty will capture the imagination of both boys and girls. Overall the books shows what true family love is all about.

Quotes About The Book

"The book over all was just, well, if I had to describe it in one word it would be AWESOME! I just have to say one more time. I LOVED the book altogether" - James, Books for Boys.

"So if you need to explain how to provide loving compassionate care in a non threatening way to anyone no matter how old they are... this is that book." - Judith Sly, Alzheimers Care Giver.

"I have tried (as I always do) to find some fault with this book. On this occasion however I cannot find a single bone to pick with it and would recommend it without hesitation to parents everywhere." - Ingrid Ha


Alexandra Faer Bryan was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in the surrounding suburb of Riverdale. She is a Registered Nurse, mother and author. Her current book, "Green Kitty" has won two awards; a finalists in both USA Book News "Best in Books 2011" and "International Book of the Year 2012" in children's fiction. "Green Kitty" was written to help 9-12 year olds understand dementia, now called neuro-cognitive disorder. It is a subject close to her heart as everyone on her mother's side of the family has or had dementia. Also an animal lover, she lives with four dogs: a German Shepherd, a Schipperke, an American Water Spaniel and a "Span-kee'- the daughter of the Schipperke and Spaniel. She has written three other books and is currently working on a book about her godparents and growing up in Atlanta in the 1960s.


And from the Author note at the top of the post I found out about the title I am also wanting to promote in this post on my blog which is featured below.



ISBN: 978-1462877058
Pages/File Size: 332pages/526KB
Formats Available: Paperback, E-Book

BLURB from Goodreads
When my father was first diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I read everything I could get my hands on about the disease. Right off the bat I could tell if it was written by a physician, pharmaceutical company or even a nursing home. When caregivers are looking for help, the last thing they need is medical text so complex they already forgot what they read by the time it's laid back down. This is what got me started on writing about common sense caregiving, which turned into a weekly column and now into this book. My goal is to make this book as "caregiver friendly" as possible. Sharing my triumphs and hardships from my plus three-thousand day campaign in dealing with the disease of Alzheimer's and the world of memory-impairment.



Gary Joseph LeBlanc , is the author of “Staying Afloat in a Sea of Forgetfulness,” and co- author of “While I Still Can.” Also, a weekly columnist of “Common Sense Caregiving” published in the Tampa Tribune and Hernando Today and many other health publications. 

His writings and speaking events utilize his 3,000 plus days and nights of personal caregiving experience to help other Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers cope with the everyday challenges and emotional struggles of caring for the memory-impaired.

And Finally, last but by no means least, another Author who has been in touch with me and generously sent me a paperback copy of her book is also featured in this special post today below. I am yet to read the book as sure I want to read it to be more informed but part of me is a little scared I may find out something I would rather not know. The review will also appear on my blog once I have read the book.


ISBN: 978-1468119688
Pages/File Size: 100pages
Formats Available: Paperback

BLURB from Goodreads
A book that offers help, information, and understanding to families facing a loved one's mental incapacitation by Alzheimer's disease. A personal diary of a daughter with a medical background that chronicles her journey while caring for her father, and gives the reader the gift of both perspectives, that of a loving daughter and the trained professional. A book with step by step guidelines and solutions with information on resources available. The narration of personal experiences and lessons learned that make deep impression on the reader's soul and mind and brings inspiration, motivation and uplifting to anyone who reads it. Whatever the reader's stage in the challenge of caring for an ailing loved one, the message of this book is clearly one of hope, promise and inspiration. The Ten Steps described offer insight and compassion for those who presently travel the road the author herself journeyed before. Dr. Arnazzi's narration will guide and support you. The wisdom she gained through her own trial will ease your burdens as you will feel she walks beside you, understanding your pain and willingly sharing with you, the reader, her strength to help you carry that load. A "labor of love" it demonstrates through vivid stories from her own life the ultimate joy of giving of oneself while honestly acknowledging the difficulty of the task and extending compassion to those presently bearing the crucible.


There is no Author picture or details about this Author for me to share with you other than the heart warming letter she included with the book she so generously sent to me upon learning I also had a much loved family member with this awful disease. So I decided to share the letter contents with you.

I wrote this book with the perspective of both, a health professional empowered with much knowledge about the illnesses common to the elderly, as well as that of a daughter wearing the mantle of caregiver to her father.

The 10 Steps or Principal's in the book are lessons my family and I learned through the 
hardship of caring for our father after he was diagnosed with Dementia.

This book was primarily written to ease the burden of those presently facing such trying stewardship. 

For Anyone that finds themselves with a loved one who has or they suspect to have Alzheimer's there is help and support out there. I could not wrap up this post without giving at least one set of details for such help.
Apologies that the links are only UK ones but they are the only ones I know and could verify as non-profit organisations/charities. I am a member of Carer's UK and they do give invaluable advice and help where possible.

Alzheimer's Society
Devon House
58 St Katharine's Way
London E1W 1LB
Phone: 020 7423 3500
Fax: 020 7423 3501

Carers UK
20 Great Dover Street,

Tel. 020 7378 4999

I received the following email/letter/information and wanted to share with everyone and to ask if you possibly can please, please donate to this cause!
We are going live on Indiegogo!  Our campaign will be ready to accept donations from Veteran's Day, Monday, November 11, 2013 through December 31st, 2013. Please check it out the details athttp://www.indiegogo.com/projects/paladin-family-advocacy-for-alzheimer-s-disease
and consider helping us help families with loved ones diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.

"Paladin" -  Family Advocacy for Alzheimer's Disease

What I can't do, WE CAN DO!

How can I care for my loved one? What resources are available? How can I find what I need to help me care for my loved one? What next?
When individuals are faced with the diagnosis that a family member has any form of dementia they are overwhelmed with questions.
With Alzheimer's disease cases mushrooming in numbers, we felt an advocacy package to distribute upon diagnosis is long overdue. Resources are available, however, not always readily accessible. Our goal is to help make  resources more readily accessible to family members of all ages.
As a group of authors we have each been impacted by the devastation of Alzheimer's Disease. We have come together with our unique books and experiences to offer support and resources that we could not find when we first started on our respective journeys. Our own experience has been there is a gap between books that are too clinical and sometimes depressing or written for medical professionals compared to hands-on, experiential, positive books that can connect lay people with professionals. It is our mission to fill that gap.
We are working together to provide information about organizations and resources to families coping with the challenges of a loved one's Alzheimer's Disease. One of our goals is to make this package available nationwide. Our "Paladin" package will include our respective books, a list of resources in our booklet, " Dementia Resource List for Paladin -  A Family Advocacy Packet"  including information to access state specific Living Wills and or Advance Directive information to aid people when they are initially overwhelmed with this devastating diagnosis as well as support them on their journey through this disease. We will create a website which will be linked to our websites making available an electronic version of "Paladin" and links to other books and websites we believe are excellent resources. We will also have contact information available to get hard copy packages available for those who do not use the internet.
People suffering from Alzheimer's Disease are often helped by focusing on a comfortable life experience such as coloring, painting, creating, singing, and listening to music.Our package will include an activity type book, such as a coloring book for people of all ages, as we have found pleasant distractions are necessary for family members of all ages.
It’s been our experience there are not enough resources for children over the age of 6 or for adult family members and caregivers. Our mission is to fill this gap as a package resource for families as well as a resource for memory care advocates to provide interactive tools for their clients and patient families.

Our "tag line" is a quote from a disabled Veteran who through the support of other Veterans learned, "What I can't do, WE can do"!

Thank you,


Check us out at
to find out more about our campaign and learn how you can help us help those families coping with the challenges of Alzheimer’s Disease afflicted on their loved one.
You Can Make A Difference.  Remember - What I Can’t Do, WE CAN DO!

Please feel free to share the link above with your social media contacts/friends and forward this email to all your friends and family. More information is available on my Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/AlzheimersDiseaseFamilyAdvocacy and on my website at www.lyndaconverse.com

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