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Title & Author: Until We Meet Again by SE Campbell
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1432735517
Publisher: Astraea Press
Series: The Bloodstone Trilogy
Pages/File Size: 540 pages/307KB

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Her mother, an ex-model, will do anything for love—and all the neighbors know it. Her fa-ther, a rich business executive, is cold and aloof. Now the Schmidt family has moved to Cal-ifornia, and eighteen-year-old Eden must face a tough new school and a creepy, old house that certainly feels haunted.

When her mother is killed in a freak auto accident, Eden finds a wooden cross among her mother's possessions. Triggering what will become a final confrontation with her father, Eden accidentally falls down the stairs and breaks her neck.


Title & Author: What Following Brings by SE Campbell
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal

ISBN: 9781621351733
Publisher: Astraea Press
Series: The Bloodstone Trilogy
Pages/File Size: 169pages/392KB

BLURB supplied by Astraea Press

Eden Schmidt is on a boat heading to Cantica, the most fearsome Demon prison in all of the land. She is attached with her friend, Adanna, and the Demon soldier, Aaron, two of the five souls that she has to find in order to save Zemiothstai, the world of purgatory, from the clutches of Satan. Until she brings all five souls together, she cannot hope to unlock the gates of heaven.

As she travels on a boat that brings her to Cantica, she believes that things cannot be much worse. Aaron has already informed her that the evil soul, Donovan, that is Satan's right-hand man has seen to it that one of his most powerful generals, General Yuri, will guard her personally. She has also heard that the Demon prison is so tight that nobody will be able to escape. But she has to. She has made a promise to Adanna's sister, Thema, that they would meet again.


Title & Author: How to Get Dirt
ISBN: 9781621351535
Publisher: Astraea Press
Pages/File Size: 85pages/331KB
Formats Available: E-Book

BLURB supplied by Astraea Press

Pickles Bartley has always wanted one thing–to have a family of her own. In foster care since the age of three, she’s had more than her fair share of bad homes. There’s no way she is about to give up her new home with Miranda and David; she is determined to have them adopt her–even if it means following her friend Prudence’s advice: “You have to be ready and form a plan if you want them to keep you.” So they do. In one of her old foster homes, Prudence blackmailed her foster father when she caught him kissing a pretty woman. Prudence insists that Pickles does the same in a four step operation called “How to Get Dirt.”


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