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Publisher: Self Indie
Pages: 225
Formats Available: Kindle edition

BLURB from Goodreads
Unmarried and unwilling to wait for Mr. Perfect, Melanie Allen decides it’s time to have a child and enters the infertility program at the Upstate Family Clinic in Syracuse, New York; a decision that will cost her dearly.

Melanie’s horrifying journey starts, as do all roads to Hell, with good intentions. In this case, it’s an act of kindness, as she offers to lend a much needed hand at the clinic, which is owned and run by the famous infertility specialist, Dr. Reed Neumann.

Almost immediately, Melanie senses that the clinic has dark secrets, and before long is unearthing evidence of Neumann’s terrifying research and medical procedures. Before she is through, Melanie discovers the worst secret of all – that Neumann’s evil deeds reach all the way back to her own home and her own family.

Follow this 28-year-old single mother as she attempts to wrestle herself from the clutches of the doctor she once idolized and save herself and her family from the terrifying future he had planned for them. Be there as Melanie shockingly comes into contact with long-dead victims of the doctor and learn how they are able to reach across the divide between spiritual and physical worlds to help, as Melanie faces evil in its truest form.

I bought this book from, the cover and blurb attracted me. Looking at the cover I obviously thought the book was about someone who was pregnant and I wanted to know what the "procedure" was. 
Wow the "procedure" was sinister, strange, futuristic....words cannot describe!
I need to be careful as I really don't want to give any spoilers or even clues away. I want you to read the book and be shocked, surprised and on the edge of your seat in the way I was when reading this brilliant book. Margaret Belle writes this book so well, as things are revealed you think back to prior chapters and realise there were little clues pointing you in the right direction all the time. You make the mysterious and sinister discoveries along with the main character Melanie.
Melanie innocently offers to help out at a fertility treatment clinic when the Doctor there tells her they are short staffed. Due to the treatment at the clinic she has her wonderful son Eric, so she feels it only right that she volunteers to cover for the receptionist that will be away. Naturally Melanie is curious about such a renowned clinic. Melanie also feels a little uneasy about her last appointment, so she does exactly what the majority of us would do given the opportunity, she searches for her file to check it out for herself. When she can't find her file, she looks for her twin sister Maddy's file, which also seems to be missing. Melanie then searches for Eric's file, which is also missing.....with her interest piqued Melanie's search takes her deeper and deeper into files and computer data bases. Melanie finds her access is restricted, so she has to find ways around the system....and can hardly believe what she actually finds..... Then she has to decide who can truly be trusted with what she has found. Melanie realises her discovery has put her little family in serious danger. They have to go into hiding, but where and who can really help?
I really loved this book. For some reason I had it confused with another title and thought this book was a novella....nope it was a full length nail biting book full of suspense! You seriously don't want to put the book down, it is truly addictive!
So did I enjoy the book? I think you can gather from my review that I loved this book, totally engrossing. Would I recommend this book? Yes, and have already to my mum and my daughter so I think this book would appeal to a wide selection of people. I would say the book doesn't just slot into one genre. Would I read a Bk#2? Definitely, I hope that there is a Bk#2, there is plenty of potential for one. Would I read more by Margaret Belle? Yes I would certainly keep an eye out for more titles by Margaret.

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