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Series: Unraveling Series
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Pages/File size: 105pages/324KB
Formats Available: E-Book

BLURB from Goodreads
Before the accident. Before their universes collided. Before they fell in love.

Riveting and romantic, Undone: An Unraveling Novella contains three short stories set in the world of Unraveling, the first book in the gripping sci-fi duology by Elizabeth Norris.

Before Ben Michaels saved Janelle Tenner’s life, Janelle saved Ben when he stumbled through an interuniverse portal into a completely new world. That day, he fell in love with the girl of his dreams. And he never forgot her.

Through three stories told from Ben’s point of view, learn how Ben and his friends discovered their ability to travel between worlds, how Ben first met Janelle, and how he pined for her for years before he actually got the chance to meet her, save her life, and capture her heart. And find out what happens to Ben between the cliff-hanger conclusion to Unraveling and the beginning of its heart-stopping sequel, Unbreakable.

I purchased this novella from The cover is a scenic view of the ocean, where Ben had been rescued by Janelle when he fell through the portal that first time in Unraveling. The cover also has the byline, "Before the accident, Before their Universes collided, Before they fell in love." which does describe the time this novella is covering.
So this novella is again from Ben's point of view. The novella explains how Ben and the other  boys came to end up in the basement of Ben's best friend Eli. It explains how they literally fell through their first portal. It all happened by accident.
Book One Unraveling ended on a cliffhanger with us wondering if Ben and Eli had actually made it safely home, back to their parents and families. This novella tells us that story, we learn how things have in some cases drastically changed for the boys families.
This novella also ends on a cliffhanger where the boys are trapped together in a room. They aren't sure who their captors are but they aren't adverse to using people the two boys care about to force the boys to "work" for them.
I did enjoy the novella, though I read it as one novella rather than three short stories though I do see how you could say there are three parts. The first part was okay, interesting. The second part learning what had happened to the families was one of the most interesting part. It was so well written, you felt the boys disbelief at how much things had changed, as well as how guilty they felt for what they had put their families through. You also felt their "homesickness" of missing the last place they had been.
Then abruptly they are kidnapped, by whom w the reader are left to wonder, the reason why is obviously due to the fact the guys can open portals. they are asked to !work" for their captors, which both guys decline, something horrible happens caused by the captors, a tactic to get them to toe the line and do as requested. Do they give in? Well I guess we have to wait for Book #2 Unbreakable for those answers.
So did I enjoy the novella? Yes, I enjoyed the last two thirds the most, with the families being re-introduced in the mid section of the novella. then obviously the last section of the novella is setting the scene for Unbreakable.   Would I recommend the novella?  Yes, especially for the family reunions! The novella bridges the gap between Bk#1 and Bk#2 really well. The novella got me back into the series and wanting to read Bk#2. Taking all that into account I'd say this novella is a MUST read.  Would I want to read on in the series? Definitely, this novella has made the story feel fresh again in my head, updated me on what happened after the cliffhanger of Bk#1 and set the scene for Bk#2. Would I read other books by Elizabeth Norris? I would definitely take a closer look at any book by Elizabeth Norris.


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