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ISBN: 9781613335451
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Pages/File Size: 43pages/250KB
Formats Available: E-Book

BLURB from Goodreads
Sera isn’t living. She’s existing—barely. Bedbound by illness, she has no memory of life before the freezing barn she now calls home. A mournful song haunts her dreams and hints at a past not completely buried—one she’s desperate to uncover. Yet Father’s whirlwind visits to draw blood and administer medication don’t provide answers. He only confirms the one thing she already knows; she’s dying.

A lonely death without ever knowing her past seems inevitable until a sudden, mystifying return to health coincides with the arrival of a boy in the opposite out-building. The inextricable pull to the stranger, and the broken memories that storm her mind when he’s near, warn of a history quite different to any she could have imagined. If she’s to uncover the truth she craves, she’ll have to decide whether knowledge of the past is worth forfeiting her second chance at life.

I received this book directly from the Author in exchange for my honest review.
The cover colours are very icy and swirly, suggesting coldness. The female on the front looks "out of it" as though she is in some sort of frozen state. Her mouth is open as though sh is literally breathing the iciness in and out. I do like the scrolly style of the title, suggesting perhaps "olde worlde"? Then there's the more business like yet still elegant font of the Authors name.
I heard of this Author via another author whom I also now class as a friend, Julie Belfield (Author of the super fantastic Holloway Pack Series). I took part in the cover reveal, read the blurb and happened to comment although I could not be part of the June blog tour that I'd like to read the book and the author generously sent me an e-copy of her book.
So we are shown a girl, a frail, ill girl being kept in a barn by her uncle and father. The father seems determined to keep the girl hidden until she is what he considers as "well". So what is wrong with her? what disease does she have? What is the "medicine" that the father insists she take, and why does he take all those blood samples from her? Is he a doctor, or just a concerned father?
The story moves on when the girls see's through her barn window that her father and uncle are manhandling someone or something they have caught. What/Who is it? Suddenly the girl feels strong and even though she is forbidden to leave her barn she ventures out into the cold snowy conditions to head over to the other barn and take a peek at what/who is in there. the "creature" seems to speak to the girl, but not aloud, it/he seems to speak to her from inside her own head, pleading "Remember Me"
I am not going to give away anymore of this well written cryptic, twisty and turny novel.
I began reading thinking things were going to turn out one certain way and, then the book took me on a really great journey.
Did I enjoy the book? Yes, I did. It was quite a short book, perhaps more of a novella that could be the beginning of a series? Would I recommend the book? Yes,  Would I read more if this book was part of a series? Yes I'd like to know more about the characters in this book. Would I read more by Amaleen Ison? I think I would definitely take a closer look at any other books by this author as I enjoyed this book.

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