Monday, 29 July 2013


The ‘Vitality’ Soundtrack

        It’s no secret to those who know me that I’m a wee bit music-obsessed.  I pretty much don’t do anything without background tunes.  So of course I love the idea of giving Vitality its own soundtrack.  Many of the songs that come to mind are on my “writing playlist”…the tunes I listened to most often while churning out the chapters of Vitality.  Here are my top picks:
1. “Dare You To Move”, Switchfoot
        I like this one for the opening scene of Vitality, when Palta is having a little difficulty facing a ginormous crowd of onlookers.  (She’s not a big fan of audiences.)
2.  “Anything Could Happen”, Ellie Goulding
        This is a fun, lively song that fits perfectly with the cliff-diving scene.  Did I mention Palta has a thing for extreme sports?
3. “Be Calm”, Fun.
        This makes me think of the sequence where Palta is worrying about her friend Nangí.  She’s trying to stay calm but failing miserably.
4. “Nothing Left to Say”, Imagine Dragons
        There’s a stressful time at the palace when something happens that kind of throws everyone for a loop. (How’s that for dodging a spoiler?)  I don’t know what it is about this song, but it just evokes those feelings of tension and restlessness that remind me of that sequence.
5. “Daylight Robbery”, Imogen Heap
        This is an energetic, sort of futuristic song that seems to fit nicely with the time Palta spends with Nangí. There’s just way too much that happens during that time to sum it up…but “energetic and futuristic” fits the profile.
6. “I Won’t Let You Down”, Alex Clare
        This is a slower melody that brings to mind Aeron’s emotions when he makes a choice to do something for Palta.  As if there was ever really a doubt in his mind…
7. “Breath of Life”, Florence + The Machine
        Palta spends some time on board a ship in less-than-pleasant company.  As much as I love, love, love this song…there’s a darkness to it that fits that sequence nicely.
8. “The End”, My Chemical Romance
        There’s a moment (perhaps more than one moment) where Palta comes face-to-face with the end of the road.  “The End” just seems like a great match, both because of the title and the powerful music.  Love MCR.
9. “Matches”, The Format
        Forgive my spoiler-sparing vagueness…but there’s a little moment in Vitality where the reality train seems to have left the tracks.  The opening of this song reminds me of circus music…which is pretty much what was running through Palta’s head in that moment.
10. “Good Life”, One Republic
        This song just brings a smile to my face.  And it’s what I would imagine rolling with the closing credits for Vitality.

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