Saturday 13 April 2013


ISBN:  9780615631431
ASIN: B007Q33YB6
Publisher: Untold Press
Pages: 106
Formats Available: Paperback & Kindle

BLURB from Goodreads
An anthology of the strange, bizarre, and just plain weird. Zombies, vampires, ghosts, and …crickets? Try a taste of writing from two very different fantasy authors. Flash stories are super short and perfect for when you ‘just have a minute’. This anthology contains 15 stories from authors Sean Hayden and Jen Wylie. Run the rampart of emotions in this exciting mix of tales. From humor to twisted, there is something for everyone. Contains adult language!

I received an e-copy of this Anthology from the publisher’s Untold Press in exchange for my honest review.
So the cover is a close up of part of a face, with your eye being drawn to the eye pictured on the cover. The eye has a sinister quality to it, and the face is a grey/green colour so it blends more into the background.
Now to the Anthology, this book is a collection of 15 very short tales, some of them seem like they could be the Authors ideas for future full length books or book series. Some of them are actually linked in that, put together they could form part of a book. the short tales have varying themes, like vampires, there is something for all tastes really.
I enjoyed some of the short stories more than others. The odd one or two were just plain odd/weird, others promising and some were really good too so a complete mixed bag.
A great way of getting a taster of these couple of Authors, Jen Wylie and Sean Hayden.
So did I enjoy this book? Some of it yes, other parts of it not so much. Would I recommend it? Yes, as its a good way to try two new Authors, and it’s a good book to read in your tea break as the tales are so short. Would I read more like this by the same Authors? Probably not. Would I read a full length or novella length book by either of the Authors in this Anthology? Yes I would give both Authors a go.

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