Monday 15 April 2013


ISBN: 9780985804626
Series: Stitch Trilogy
Expected Release Date: 15th June 2013

BLURB from Goodreads

-- Book 2 in the Stitch Trilogy --

It's only been three days, and already everything is different.

Paragon is behind her, but somehow Alessa's life may actually have gotten worse. In a wrenching twist of fate, she traded the safety and companionship of her sister for that of her true love, losing a vital partner she'd counted on for the ordeal ahead. Her comfortable university life is but a distant memory, as she faces the prospect of surviving a bleak winter on the meager remains of a ravaged world. And if she'd thought she'd tasted fear upon seeing a ghost, she was wrong; now she's discovering new depths of terror while being hunted by a deadly virus and a terrifying pack of superhuman creatures thirsting for blood.

And then there are the visions.

The memory-altering "stitch" unlocked something in Alessa's mind, and now she can't shake the constant flood of alien feelings ransacking her emotions. Haunting memories of an old flame are driving a deep and painful rift into her once-secure relationship. And a series of staggering revelations about the treacherous Engineers - and the bone-chilling deceit shrouding her world's sorry history - will soon leave Alessa reeling...

The second installment in the electrifying Stitch Trilogy, Shudder follows Samantha Durante's shocking and innovative debut with a heart-pounding, paranormal-dusted dystopian adventure sure to keep the pages turning.

I think this cover really fits what this series is about, The cover shows a tear/rip which represents the tear/rip in time for the time travel aspect of the book. I think the blue colour stands out and would make the book pop out at you on a book shelf. The hands being torn away from each other represent the different people from the different "times" well too. The font, title and author name are all good and not too intrusive on the cover but stand out enough to be easily read. Of course they also match and go with book one.
So would I pick this one up from a book shelf on the strength of the cover? Honestly? Yes!
The blurb lets us know, it's the second installment and that this book picks up just 3 days after the other book ended so it will start right in the midst of the action again.
The blurb does its job it teases us a little about what is to come, which is what a good blurb should do.
Will this one make it to my wishlist? Honestly? It's been on it since I finished Bk#1! Trying to look at it as an outsider I would still be interested in the series ,so yes the cover and blurb do a great job at "selling" me the book.

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