Saturday 6 April 2013


ISBN: 9780062248169
Series: The Selection
Publisher: HarperTeen
Pages: 55
Formats Available: E-Book

BLURB from Goodreads
Before thirty-five girls were chosen to compete in the Selection...

Before Aspen broke America's heart...

There was another girl in Prince Maxon's life...

Don't miss this thrilling 128-page original novella set in the world of the New York Times bestselling novel The Selection. Also features a teaser to The Elite, Kiera Cass's hotly anticipated sequel to The Selection.

I bought this one from, as I have read and loved The Selection and am (im)patiently awaiting the release of The Elite.
I find the cover appealing and it certainly fits in with the colourful covers of the Selection Series.
The novella is basically the first small section of The Selection re-told from the point of view of Maxon - The Prince. I enjoyed reading the novella, it reminded me of all that I loved about The Selection and also aroused my impatience and need for the release of The Elite, which I am definitely looking forward to. I liked the point of view being from a male character  and think it would also be interesting to read something from Aspen's point of view now that he is the guard watching over america whilst she stays at the Palace.
So did I enjoy the novella? Yes, it was a nice re-taster of this series. Would I recommend it? Although I would say that it isn't absolutely necessary to read the novella, it is a nice and welcome addition to the series, so yes I guess I would recommend it and at 99p (price correct at time of review) it is a fairly reasonable price for a novella. Will I read more of this Series?Yes, please! Would I read other books by Kiera Cass? Yes I would definitely take a look at other books by her.

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