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ISBN: 978-1-937744-23-6 (EPUB)?
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Publisher: J Taylor Publishing
Formats Available: E-Book

BLURB from Goodreads
Guilt is a heavy burden for the one carrying it.

Jem Stonehouse is no exception to this rule.

What if she’d acted sooner? What if she’d fully recognised the threat? What if she hadn’t allowed the male pack members to head into the witches’ ambush?

For one, youngest pack member Josh Larsen wouldn’t be trapped in the sleep of the dead.

Now, Jem is convinced it’s her job to bring him back to life no matter what it takes— learning more about her heritage, risking pack exposure, or travelling to places she couldn’t have imagined possible.

Even if the journey endangers her soul.

I received an E-Arc from J Taylor Publishing in exchange for my honest review and opinion. I have already done comments on the cover when I was part of the Cover Reveal but will do a little re-cap and see if my opinion has changed any since reading the book.
This is a series of books I read and love. So the byline says "Guilt is a heavy burden" it certainly is, and the phrase instantly attracts you to the book and makes you want to know more. Like who is guilty? Why are they guilty? Should they be guilty? And now I've read the novella? I think the byline is referring to Jem, who really shouldn't feel guilty, but I can't say more as if you haven't read Blue Moon yet, I may slip and give a spoiler or two. As you know I love a byline and the one on the cover of this book really fits well. Jem is feeling guilty. . . she feels responsible for every single member of her pack, so she will do what ever she has to  in order to keep them all well and together.
We have more of Jem's family heritage mentioned in this book and the conformation of who Jess was in a past life, though that was something I had kind of taken for granted already really. I love all the pack related parts in the books, but in this one a different area is looked at, that I have to say I really enjoyed learning more about. The slightly different track this novella goes down makes it stand out a little from the others so far in the series . . is that a good thing? I think so...not that i'll ever ever be bored with the pack! I think this different track is adding even more to the books. We are also learning more about the other pack members, such as Ethan perhaps having a soft spot for Jess. . . which I'd love to see happen. Maybe Jess's children have some sort of "power" ? 
I think I have said it before, but I'll say it again, these books do remind me of Kelley Armstrong's Women Of The Otherworld Series, which for me is a good thing as I also love that series too.
So did I enjoy the novella? Yes! Would I recommend? Yes! Read and savour this brilliant writing and storytelling in the order intended by the Author. Will I read more of the Series? Definitely! Would I read other work by J.A. Belfield? I have and I loved that fact I'd love her to make that novella part of a series too.
Last thing to say? I love, love, love the Holloway Pack!

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