Wednesday 17 April 2013


Cole, Seth Maggie and joined by Booker for dinner at Seth's house

 I took a bite of chicken. Delicious. I needed to learn how to cook. “And I’d appreciate it if you two would stop trying to fix me up. I’m more than capable of finding my own woman when I’m ready. Why don’t you fix Booker up?” I suggested.
“Yeah, right. Where do you suggest we find a woman for Booker? I can’t wait to see the woman who finally nails him down,” Maggie said with a laugh. “She’ll have to be a saint.”

“True, a mere mortal will never do for me,” Booker said, waltzing into the room.

“Hello, Book,” Seth said. “How did you get out of work already?”

“I can do whatever I want. Remember, I’m sleeping with the captain, my friend,” he grinned.

“You are the captain,” I laughed.

“And I sleep with myself every night.” His eyes darted to the table. “Hey, I’m just in time. Lemon chicken.” He grabbed a piece, but paused before putting it in his mouth. He sniffed at it, as if testing a fine wine. “Wait, who made this?” He eyeballed Maggie playfully. “You did, didn’t you, Magpie?” Booker guessed.

“I ’m not telling, Sylvester,” she retorted as he scooped a second piece and slipped it into his mouth. “Bad kitty. It’s terrible manners to eat from the serving plate. Sit.” Maggie pulled out his chair.

He grabbed the plate and serviced up a larger portion than Maggie had already given him. The guy could pack it away...
...“So, Cole, how’s your girlfriend doing?” Booker asked, taking a large bite.
“She’s not my girlfriend. She’s a nice girl you hired to redo my office,” I said, slightly exasperated with all this Lilah talk. I’d been fighting to keep her off my mind. I certainly didn’t need everyone bringing her front and center into the conversation. “Seth’s trying to convince me to ask her out.”
“How come you never try and fix me up?” Booker complained.
“We haven’t found anyone special enough,” Seth answered. We all laughed, even Booker.
“Good, I’ll never marry ever again. Never. Mark my words. I don’t even want to date. I’m enjoying the carefree life I live. No woman around to demand I fix this, or watch some silly chick flick.” He shuddered playfully.
“Going home to an empty house, and sleeping in an empty bed. No one to talk with at night or go on long walks with in the fall,” I added softly.
Everyone got quiet.
“I am so fixing you up with Lilah,” Maggie said, breaking the awkward silence.

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