Tuesday 16 April 2013


ISBN: 978-1593094836
ASIN: B008O4WV60
Publisher: Atria Books
Pages/File Size: 352pages
Formats Available: Paperback, E-Book
Expected Release Date: 21st May 2013

BLURB from Goodreads
A provocative novel about the only black family on board theTitanic—a beautiful, intimate look at racial tension, family discord, and how love conquers all. Fifteen-year-old Corinne LaRoche’s life changes one evening when she returns home and witnesses racist French policemen harassing her father. Her frustrated father decides the family is leaving France and moving back to Canada.
As Corinne, her sister, and her father step onto the beautiful Titanic, they could not have imagined their impending fate as well as the life-altering family secrets revealed during the four days before the sinking. From this day forward, their lives will never be the same.

I requested this title on both Netgalley and Edelweiss. I was lucky to be accepted by both.
I really like the cover, there's the Titanic sinking in the centre of the page, with a picture of, I presume Christopher and Corinne at the top of the book, the bottom left I'd say is Corrinne's negro father. The bottom right to me has to be Molly Brown, or to lovers of all things Titanic the "unsinkable Molly Brown". I like the font and style and placement of the title and Author name, to me they fir the era of the titanic and the colours of the book are complimentary too.
So on the strength of the cover would I pick up the book? Yes, it has Titanic on the over and i am always attracted to books on that subject.
The blurb promises the story of the only black family on the Titanic. It promises to cover racial tension, as well as revealing and having to deal with family secrets. So yes I think I should really enjoy this one.
Mmm sadly at the beginning I have to admit to ot being totally in love with this book and it's characters. Sure I like Corrinne who is travelling second class, and her burgeoning relationship with the first class nephew of the captain. Then there's Corrinne's sister and the problem she is carrying aboard the ship. I did like the way the racial tension was explored as not only white people being racist towards coloured people but the coloured people themselves being racist and totally un-trusting in their own way against white people. I loved the addition of the well known character from the Titanic of Molly Brown, I think if I could meet a woman from history she is one I would certainly choose. 
Well I've now read the rest of the book and yes the plot became more complicated and interesting however there were inconsistencies with the truth about what happened on the Titanic, such as I am not aware of Molly Brown's lifeboat capsizing, as it does in this book but all other things could have actually happened I mean who knows. I think my problem was I jumped to the conclusion that this would be based in fact, where as it is more a work of fiction. Sure there were facts about the ship in the book that a tour guide reels off on more than one occasion. There are a few people that were on the titanic mentioend as I said Molly Brown, Mr Harland and Captain Smith, so you get this authors insight into what she believes they were like.I did enjoy the relationship aspects in the book, where the real stories were. There's also the racial tension where at one point in the book Corinne is told "people like her should not be allowed on the ship let alone in first or second class" 
So did I enjoy the book? Once I got over the preconceived  conception o what I thought the book was going to be and got quite into the book plot around the characters. The ending was "sweet". Having said all that I did end up enjoying the book. Would I recommend it? To the romance & saga type of genre lovers this would fit the bill perfectly. Would I read a BK#2? I think had the book let on a cliff hanger at the point the Carpathia rescued people, then ther could have bben a BK2 it could have picked up actually on the Carpathia, and gone on form there. Would I have read it? I think I would have given it a go yes. Would I read more by this Author? Yes I would give her other work a go. I am definitely going to look up the prequel novella to this book and will check out the other books. I think my mum will enjoy this author.

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