Monday 22 April 2013



Release Date: November 4, 2013
Target Reader: Adult
BLURB from J Taylor Publishing
Werewolf. Bar bouncer. Dad. Standard traits for any self-respecting, reformed criminal, living under the radar in Demos City. For Leon Gray, normal is what he wants—for himself and his not-yet-changed teenage daughter.

Playing bodyguard to crusading reporter David Hastings would totally ruin Leon’s peace, especially since Hastings has hired killers on his trail, pros who know how he takes his espresso in the morning, and where Leon lives. 

The payoff, though, would fill up Shauna’s empty college fund, and in a battle between opportunity and ordinary, money wins. He just has to keep Hastings alive long enough to cash the check.

If only he didn’t have to save his daughter, too. 

As a budding wolf, she’s piqued the interest of a local pack Alpha—one Leon knows will steal Shauna right out from under him the first chance he gets. 

Leon isn’t about to give up on his daughter or Hastings, and will fight for both longer than it took Demos City to see werewolves as equals to humans.

He can only hope it doesn’t take a thousand years.


On the whole I like the cover. You do feel drawn to it....Is it just me or is there a "face" in the water too? Eery! I like the colours on the cover, the rich blues and purple hues of the sky and the water too. The book title, series title and author name are in in a complimentary attractive font, with the most important, the book title done larger, o it should be easy to find on a book shelf.
The blurb definitely attracts me to the book and makes me want to add it to my "want to read" list now! I do love a good shifter book and this one sounds like it will have plenty of action and drama in it to keep me interested to the very end.

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