Friday 8 March 2013


BLURB from Goodreads

The Cinderella Blues (Thuh Sin'-dur-rel'-uh Bluze) 

n. 1.The phenomena whereby otherwise intelligent, capable, successful professional women are convinced they need rescuing by a prince.

BOOK LOVERS INC. Kat is dreaming of, not just Mr. Right, but Prince Charming. She's a career woman working her way up the ladder, but she still thinks she wants to be rescued. The Cinderella Blues is all about the frogs she kisses along the way. And not only are they froggy, but swampy and muddy into the bargain. Ribbit! But Kat has a fairy godmother. And some terrific friends to help her along the way. Including to remind her that she doesn't need Prince Charming to rescue her. She's more than capable of rescuing herself. All Kat needs is to get her head out of the clouds and figure out what it is she really wants. She can make her own dreams come true. And if she rescues herself, she'll have a chance at a real happy ending, with a real man, not a fairy-tale prince. But also not a frog.

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