Saturday 9 March 2013


BLURB from
"In the beat of a heart, the world has changed. Seemingly random disappearances transport a portion of the world’s population to an unknown place, and catastrophic events follow. As twenty-five-year-old James, one of those left behind, sits in a dark tavern, he drifts away, lost in his memories. His world is not his anymore. Someone, or something, has taken it away from him. As a profound, frightening solitude permeates the air, James wonders if he is a survivor—or if he has missed out and is about to face something even more terrible.

After drifting aimlessly for days, James decides to return to the familiar. As he embarks on a journey across a scarred and frightened country, James encounters desperate people struggling to adapt. After he is joined by Kathryn, a mysterious and intriguing woman, James begins to doubt the wisdom of his trip. Driven by purpose, he continues, hoping to find the answers that will provide him with the happiness and security he so desperately desires.

Set against a dangerous and apocalyptic backdrop of uncertainty, two strangers intertwined in adventure and companionship seek the truth amid the fear of wondering if their world will ever be the same again."

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