Tuesday 26 March 2013


What can we expect from you in the future?
I am writing novels about some of the true stories in "How I Got Him To Marry Me." I am also working on Dog Aliens 2: Oreo, which is the sequel to my goofy science fiction novel about how my dog is really a space alien! I have ideas for hippie trippie stories inspired by my time in the 1970s in Venice, California. Demand seems to be high for me to write a memoir about my high school substitute teaching experiences, too.

Do you have anybody read your books and give you reviews before you officially release them?
My mom does. I know. I know. But she is 72 years old and really good at it! She is the one who is most interested in doing it, too. My sister helps, too, and some of my cousins. I'm hoping some of their friends take it up, too, but I have only been at this six months. I'll give them time.

Do you gift books to readers to do reviews?
That doesn't seem to be very effective, and so I am trying out a new approach: if you are one of the first 25 to buy and review the eBook, then I will give you a free paperback. Details are in the back of the eBook. :)

Do you read all the reviews of your book/books?
Yes! I can't get enough! I love reading my reviews. 
What was the toughest/best review you have ever had?
Here it is:

Are there any hidden messages or morals contained in your books? Yes! My Dog Aliens books are Christian allegory in the old tradition of C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia. You can read them just for the obvious story, and if you don't know what you're looking for, you won't even notice, but Dog Aliens 1 is about the power of prayer. 

Do you have a treasured book from your childhood?Yes. I still have my favorite storybook that my parents used to read to me, "The Little White Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings." He gets the wings, but it turns out rabbits aren't supposed to have wings. No one recognizes him, and he is miserable. The moral is we should be happy with what we have, and be careful what we wish for!

Where can readers connect with you?
I'm delighted when readers message me, friend me, or fan me on Goodreads! 

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