Tuesday 24 July 2012


ISBN: 978-1780991191
Publisher: RoundFire Books
Pages: 239
Formats Available: Paperback, Kindle

BLURB from Goodreads
Losing Face takes the form of Word documents, interspersed with emails. It covers the accident and recovery of Cass, who sustains terrible facial injuries in a car crash, including the loss of an eye. Her friend Em supports her throughout and the two very different girls struggle in their own ways to cope as Cass undergoes surgery, eventually returning to a mixed reception in school. Throughout the story, friendship and values are challenged, particularly through Cass's relationships with her mother and with her boyfriend, Spider. Courage is redefined and the triumphant final chapters celebrate that life is worth living.

First of all where I got the book? I received this book to red and review from John Hunt Publishing, so thankyou for this beautiful book.
I like the cover which obviously represents the undamaged side of Cass's face, the side she is still happy to show the world after the accident.
I have to say I kept looking at the cover and wondering who it reminded me of and its, the actress from Home & Away that played "Sally". The cover also focuses on Cass's only eye as she has to have her right eye removed after the accident.
Now to the book, as always I will try my best to give my opinion without giving away any more than is discussed in the blurb. I'll be totally honest, I was unsure as to whether I would like the format, but I was pleasantly surprised as it works really well. You have a short e-mail from Cass to Em or vice versa and then a chapter or two of how they were feeling about certain events.
The car accident is awful and the injuries Cass is left with horrific for any teenage girl, in fact for any aged person to have to come to terms with.
I loved the chatty way the chapters and e-mails were written, you could really imagine the teens going through it all. You literally felt the girls moods, and emotions with them.
I seriously wanted to throttle the teacher that took the assembly "to prepare" the students for Cass's return to school. Why are some adults so dumb? I also want to seriously slap Miranda on behalf of Cass and Em too. Miranda is the "mean girl" in the school that picks on anyone that is "different" in any way. Em falls into that category as she lives with a foster mum. Of course after the accident Cass really falls into "different" category. I found it interesting that it seemed to be the guys such as Josh and Rob, in the book that handled Cass's accident and her feelings after it much better than some of the girls. Of course Spider you just want to shake as he is so very stupid with the comments he makes to Cass.
The book shows Cass, down, depressed, devastated, and at times feeling lonely. Yet the book is also very positive as its show Cass's acceptance of what has happened and her courage and bravery to deal with the many awkward incidents and obstacles she has to overcome to continue her life.
So did I enjoy the book? I loved it. Would I recommend it? Yes, it should be on the school curriculum to be read by all. Would I read more by Annie Try? Definitely. 

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