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ASIN: B0070R7P9K
Publisher: Avon
Pages: 400

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When Bonnie runs away from home she leaves her mother Grace and sister Rita heartbroken. Each of their lives are in turmoil but their love for each other will see them through the most troubled of times.
Worthing, 1947
Widowed Grace Roberts comes home from her factory job one day to find that her eldest daughter Bonnie has run away to London. Utterly distraught she has no choice but to carry on with her life, struggling to make ends meet for her and youngest daughter Rita. Her boss, Norris Finley is a powerful and calculating man. He promises to assist Grace, but his help will come at a hefty price…
Pregnant Bonnie arrives in London eager to be reunited with George so they can begin their new life together. But while she waits anxiously on the platform at Victoria station, he never turns up. Unable to return home as she can’t bear the thought of bringing shame to her family, she is left to fend for herself and her unborn baby.
Disturbed by the apparent relationship between her mother and Norris, Rita flees home and meets Emilio who she marries. Yet Emilio is guarding a deep secret and when Rita uncovers the truth, she is left heartbroken.
Caught in the very worst of times and separated from one another, can the strong bond of family love eventually bring Grace, Bonnie and Rita back together again?

I love the cover of this book, it reminds me of my younger days away on holidays with my sisters, standing on the sea front staring out to sea! The clothing also brought back the memories too.
Now onto the book, my daughter bought me the book for the special price of 99p. We chose it for me to read as it seemed the type I would read and enjoy. also there is a comment by another author that I have read and thoroughly enjoyed recommending this book. the comment is  ‘A heart-rending story about mothers and daughters’ Kitty Neale. That sentence really sums up this brilliant book. I do not wish to reveal spoilers so I refuse to go into the plot. I will just say this book made me both laugh and cry and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It depicts life as it was back in those days. I have to say it deals with the "good" and "bad" of the era, so don't expect roses and a picket fence, its a true to the sometime grim era book.
This was another book I really did not want to put down. In fact I think I started reading this one as soon as it was downloaded to my kindle!
So did I enjoy it? Yes Would I recommend it? Yes especially for those around my age, they will enjoy looking back at the era through this book. Will I read more by Pam Weaver?Oh, Yes!

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