Sunday 8 July 2012


Cindy Jones by Margaret Pearce
Genre: Middle Grade
Released: 6-5-2012
Length: 95 pages
ISBN: 9781621350446

BLURB from Astrae Press 

Cindy Jones has a lot in common with Cinderella. She is about to acquire a nasty stepmother and two step sisters. Except Cindy believes in being constructive about problems. She takes up cooking so her father won’t be so taken in by anyone’s excellent cooking skills. She finds a more suitable young woman to send roses to under her father’s name.

Except, the nice girl selected as a suitable wife has a fiance. One of the stepsisters isn’t really nasty. Cindy fights with her father and he goes to the end of the year dinner dance without her.  Her teacher turns up with a jazz age dance dress that belongs to her mother so she goes to the dinner dance unrecognized.  The wedding is averted and Cindy discovers that her teacher is a godmother, if not a fairy one and everyone lives happily ever after.

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