Tuesday 10 July 2012


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By Rachel Hunter – Author of Empyreal Fate.

Dogs or cats?
Well, seeing as I own four of them, I must certainly choose ‘cats’. Otherwise, I fear harsh repercussions will befall me. (They’re crafty creatures, cats. Always listening… always plotting.)

Sweet or Sour?
Sweet. Definitely sweet. I am a sucker for ice cream and the like.

Coffee or tea?
Neither! I much prefer hot cocoa.                                   

Summer or Winter?
Summer – by far. I tend to experience S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) when the sunlight is gone for too long. Besides, I cannot condone the chill weather of a winter day.

Dark or milk chocolate?
Milk chocolate. It’s the sweetest kind (in my opinion).
Movie or Music?
“Music feeds my soul.”

Night or Day?
I adore the serenity of the night – the peaceful calm, the brilliance. The twinkle of the moon and stars. The quiet darkness.

Shoes or No Shoes?
No shoes. But… it would depend on the terrain-type in the end.

Crayons or Markers?
Crayons. With sharpeners. 
Pepsi or Coke?
Neither. I don’t drink soda unless it’s Sprite Zero.

Pens or Pencils?
Pens last longer than pencils. Graphite tends to fade over time.        
PC or Mac?
PC. I never really got into Macs.

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  1. When America calls for its best and brightest, Ms. Hunter stands at the head of the line. She is not only a superb writer, but in all my years, which I happen to know occupy three times the span of hers, I have failed to encounter a wiser, kinder, more intelligent, or more generous soul than she, and I am privileged beyond all measure to be able to call her my friend. You, too, would be wise, if you would but read anything and everything that she writes.