Friday 20 July 2012



Stay Away from Houses!

Throwing open the doors of the largest cabinet, Fi gasped.  “There’s great stuff here Mama!” she called to the other room as she rummaged through the cabinets.  Her braid hung down her back and the curls around her face were wet and frizzy.  She stood on her tiptoes to reach the very back of the top cabinet, her reach yanking up her rain jacket and baring a thin frame.  Her pants hung low and were belted to stay up.  “Even some organic veggies!”
“Is that so?”  A strange male voice drawled behind her.
Fi froze, the hair on her neck standing up. 
“I do believe I found some good stuff myself,” the voice growled. 
She spun to face her attacker and her hand flew to her holster.   Shit, her gun was in her freaking pack.  Jesus she was losing her edge.  Her heart thudded in her chest.   The man was tall and thickset by today’s starvation standards, with a ruddy complexion.  His clothes were soaking and the alcohol on his breath was so strong that she’d smelled it even before she turned.  Great, she thought, a drunk.  Easy to beat in a fight, but hard to take down permanently.
“Well Fi, I’m just happy to get out of the…” her mother’s voice trailed off as she came through the door with Kiara right behind her.  “Rain.”  She stopped, staring at Fi with wide eyes.  The raindrops slipped off her hood like quicksilver.

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