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InhabitANT is a hidden world where thousands of ants eat, sleep, work, raise children and wage wars. Their fiercest enemy is an evil spider, a massive devious beast with magic powers, called RepugnANT. Three young ants – ExuberANT, BrilliANT and HesitANT – stumble across the fiend while looking for food for their nestmates. Their frantic efforts to escape the murderous monster thrust them into one heart-pounding adventure after another. The eight-legged brute is in hot pursuit and he’s vowed to catch them and wipe out their nest. The pals need to escape his clutches and alert the nest, using Zube’s own special powers and Brill’s clever brain. But is HesitANT up to the challenge? Watching his family wiped out by slaveraider ants has left the little ant nervous and timid. Can he shrug off his fears to save Zube and Brill from the world’s craziest spider and save InhabitANT in time?

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* There are a couple of interactive suggestions at the end of the novel. I would love it if you have the time to take part. Please get in touch with me Dakota Douglas via my Contact Page.


IT'S A DOG'S LIFE: A children's short story. Starting a new school can be tough. But for Jeremy it is especially hard. Until a dirty shaggy dog walks into his life and turns everything topsy turvy      Feedbooks:

A BOY'S BEST FRIEND: A sequel to It’s a Dog’s Life. Jeremy's best friend is his dog Rufus. But Rufus is no ordinary dog and strange things happen when he's around. "Rufus tilted his head on one side. How could he make Jeremy understand? Of course. The solution was sooo simple. He began to pant excitedly. He knew it would get Jeremy into trouble but he had no choice."Feedbooks:
WALKS SOFTLY: One of three children's short stories giving a glimpse of family life in an American Indian village in the 19th century. Walks Softy is afraid of her own shadow. Can she be brave enough when danger threatens her friends and people?
MORNING STAR'S GIFT: Morning Star is making a gift for her father and wants it to be perfect. But her pest of a brother and muddy dog have other ideas.  
HOPPING BIRD'S NEW NAME: Hopping Bird hates his name. When he sneaks away when his family go foraging for food he stumbles into an adventure that earns him a new one - including an encounter with a great mythical creature.

SOMETHING FISHY: An adult short story. Luke and Pru's holiday isn’t turning out as they expect. Pru senses there is something odd about the locals. And her instincts are spot on - with unforeseen consequences.

A BLAZE OF GLORY: An adult short story. Between his wife Mary and father-in-law Les, Sam's life is miserable. Now his job as a fireman is on the line. Sam is desperate. Can a series of arson attacks on the town change that? Police are baffled. The list of suspects is stacking up.
LIMBO MAN: A short story for adults. There is something about the overgrown maze that draws Mary back again and again. And when she meets the old man who seems to haunt the place the mystery starts to unfold.

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