Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Title: The Sting Of Summer
Author: Katherine Over
Genre: YA Contemporary/Romance
Release Date: 11th May 2014

BLURB supplied by the Author
Summer has arrived. For seventeen-year-old Becca, it marks the start of the wedding season. Her family operates an event venue in the form of a renovated barn, and nearly every weekend a wedding takes place in their backyard. Becca lends a helping hand for the accelerated schedule, but work is not the only task on her mind. Seth, her longtime crush, has nabbed a photography internship that requires wedding coverage, putting the two of them in close proximity. Becca intends to make Seth something more than a far-reaching fantasy, but it's hard to build a dream when a growing tension in her family life cannot be avoided. 
Will Becca succeed in her quest for love? 
Or will summer collide with her plans and leave nothing but a sting in her heart?

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Katherine Over was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania. She graduated from Point Park University with a B.A. in Psychology. She loves (in no particular order) music, random documentaries, animals, carrot cake, and of course, writing.


Paperback or E-book?  
Surprisingly, I prefer e-books. Paperbacks are nice to have for display purposes, but I tend to read faster/more frequently with e-books.

Read a book once/Re read books more than once? 
Read a book once – there are too many fantastic novels out there. I want to read as many as I can!

Books or Movies? 
Oh that is tough. Books for when I’m alone and movies for when I’m with a group of people.

Action, Drama, Mystery, Romance? 
Drama (with a hint of romance!)

Morning or Evening?  
I’m a big morning person. It drives some people nuts!

Early Nights or Late Nights? 
Early nights because I like to wake up early.

Optimist or Pessimist? 
How about an optimistic realist? :)

Coffee or Tea? 
Both! Coffee for the morning and tea for the evening.

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? 
Autumn, without a doubt. My hometown has a large festival in the autumn (called Autumn Leaf Festival), so I have many great memories attached to that particular season.

Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate? 
Dark chocolate 

Mild Cheeses, Medium Cheeses or Strong Cheeses? 

Flat Heeled Shoes, Medium Heeled Shoes or High Heeled Shoes? 
Flats. Heels are cute but I have zero coordination when wearing them.

Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes or Green Eyes? 
I have brown eyes but I think green eyes are unique and absolutely beautiful.

Long Hair or Short Hair? 
Depends on my mood. I’ve had super long hair to hair that was barely past my ears.

Bitten Nails, Natural Nails, or Nail Enhancements (ie false nails)? 
Short, natural nails. Long nails are too difficult to type with!

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