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ISBN: 9780984725434
Publisher: StoryTeller Publishing
Pages: 392
Formats Available: Paperback, Kindle

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Life's detours can sometimes lead to the best path 

A SUREFIRE WAY TO JINX YOUR FUTURE… to perfectly map it out and then expect your journey to go as planned. Twenty-six year old home builder, Matthew Huntz, is on his way to making his dreams a reality—gorgeous fiancée, perfect job, and the house he’d always wanted. Until the accident. Paralyzed from the chest down, with his life’s GPS offline, Matt is forced to recalculate his path in life.

I received this book via my daughter who received a box of books form Goldie Browning at StoryTeller Publishing.
I like the cover with a picture which I would say depicts Matthew in his wheelchair after his accident. The byline says "Life's detours can sometimes lead to the best path" and certainly fits the book plot. 
Matthew seems to have everything going for him and his gorgeous fiancée, they are all set to marry and have a long relationship and life together ahead of them. Then tragedy strikes when he is involved in an accident. Matthew has many hurdles to face as because of the accident he is paralyzed from the chest down. So his only method of getting around is in a wheelchair.Things don't go according to plan with his fiancée as she seems unable to handle the person Matthew has become after the accident.
So does Matthew manage to hold onto the relationship, or is there a newer and better one around the corner. This book certainly makes you believe in fate and that everything good or bad happens for a reason.
The book is beautifully written making it a joy to read. I would say there are not enough stars in the sky to give to this book! It's fantastic. You get really involved and nearing the end you are on the edge of your seat wondering about the final outcome. I desperately, desperatley wanted it all to end a certain way and I was pleasantly surprised and fully satisfied by the beautiful ending.
So did I enjoy it? YES! Would I recommend it? Yes. Would I read more by Lorris Kruse?Yes please!

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