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ISBN/ASIN: 9781301057481
Publisher: Self/Smashwords
Pages/Words: 73342 words approx
Formats Available: Kindle Edition so far via Smashwords
Date Released: Smashwords NOW! Amazon TBC

BLURB from Goodreads
Death is what you make it. . . .

Eleanor never wanted to leave the daughter she loved so much. The overpowering urge to wander -- to search, without knowing what she sought -- drove her away. She left little Cassidy in her family's loving care. But Cassidy and the others died in an accident before Eleanor could find her way home.

Cassidy has her grandparents, and her Great-Grandma. And all of them have what may be eternity. Memories can be relived, or shared. The wonders of the world they left behind are only a thought away. The one-way tyranny of aging is no more -- a white-haired and stooped great-grandmother one moment can be a laughing young playmate the next. But nothing can ease Cassidy's longing for her mother; and Eleanor's parents know better than to hope that Eleanor's life has been a happy one.

Now, they are all reunited, with the chance to understand and heal. But the restlessness that shaped Eleanor's life still haunts her in death. Somehow, she must solve the mystery of her life -- or none of them will be at peace.

I was actually asked to Beta-Read this book and give my honest opinion on it. The book plot wasn't 100% finalized and indeed it has been tweaked since the first version I read. The book also had no title or cover. The cover above may yet be changed or tweaked.
I like this cover as it could represent either the three main females in the book, and also three of the main "ages" visited in the book.
The blurb is great it gives you enough information to interest you further yet leaves out the things I feel are important for you to discover in the book for yourselves.
The book begins with Cassie, and I admit I was a little confused as to who she was and what was happening, but, as you read further all becomes clear and it makes you appreciate the beginning and how it was written. The book flows really well and keeps your interest throughout. Of course there are always characters you prefer to others, in this book I found I liked most characters. there was only Cassie's grand dad that I disliked a little and maybe that was as he was quite a small character within the whole story. I also admit to disliking Eleanor to begin with. Eleanor initially seems a selfish kind of person who cares only for herself giving no thought as to how her actions affect those around her. The character of Eleanor led me to believe that Cassie was viewed as a "burden" to her in her life. Then as the story develops you learn more about the character of Eleanor, and there are some twists and turns in the plot that explain that Eleanor to the reader so you can understand her more. 
The book deals with some complex issues that people have varying opinion on such as the afterlife, re-incarnation, as well as simpler and more widely and freely discussed concepts like fate and destiny. That there is a bigger plan for us all, that our lives are mapped out even before we are born.
I loved Karen's version of how we "live on" after death and the fact that we reunite with our loved ones that have passed before us as well as seeing those that pass after us once again too.
The book really reminded me of an old film I watched as a child. Originally a Russian Film dubbed into English, starring a very young Patsy Kensit. It was about two young children who are tasked with finding and bringing back an elusive bluebird. To find this bluebird they visit many strange places and meet many people such as "Old Father Time" They see a place where babies are collected and sent down to earth/life to their parents. they also see the "afterlife" where your loved ones go when they pass. It was depicted as a beautiful cottage and garden that your loved ones "live2 in and they some how "sense" when you think of them and feel happy you are thinking of them. The film left me feeling really contented and really calm and happy. That is the same strong feeling and emotions you feel upon reading this book.
Karen writes it so well, I hope she doesn't take offense to the following analogy but you feel like you are slipping on a "comfy cardigan" when you fall into the plot and story of this novel.
So did I enjoy the book? Yes *sigh* (that's just how contented you feel upon reading it) Would I read more, if this book turns out to be part of a series? Yes. Would I read more by Karen A. Wyle? I already intend to! Would I recommend? Yes and I have.

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