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Title: Afflicted Dawn
Author: Gregory Napier

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Their new world hums with life, but Dylan and his niece Aurellia are more alone than ever before. When the Affliction struck, it claimed the lives of their family. Now, they only have each other. Aurellia is Dylan's only priority. She is all that remains of his old world, all that matters anymore. She deserves better than living under the constant threat of death, and Dylan has made it his final goal to assure her safety. Food has become scarce and jeopardizes their survival, but beyond their temporary shelters lurks the real danger: the Afflicted--murderous creatures roaming the land as if they were lost.

Now, two years after the Affliction, those creatures are undergoing a rapid evolution. Everything that had been learned is void and the dangers are, once again, unknown. Dylan and Aurellia must put their faith in fellow survivors if they want to live, but not everyone can be trusted. There are those that have their own agenda, even in the last days of humanity. Dylan is faced with the ultimate test and a defining decision. Will he make the right choices for Aurellia's sake?


Gregory Napier was born into a loving and caring family. He grew up in a small town and was an only child for many years. His father worked, but there wasn't much money to be made locally. These three factors shepherded his imagination and creativity, strengthening them. Later, his father acquired a better job, one that required him to travel and stay away for over half of the week. Because of this, Gregory's relationship with his mother blossomed. She became his best friend in the way that mothers often do. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with cancer and lost her battle with the illness when Gregory was only nine. The loss devastated him; she was the only world he knew. He went on to live with his grandparents through the week while his father was away. Less than two years later, he became a big brother. As a child who had to grow up a little too fast, he failed to acknowledge the situation as a positive turn. His outlet through those years was his creativity. Through writing, drawing, and envisioning new things, Gregory found a focus that kept him going, that allowed him to escape the reality that seemed so grim at the time. In high school, he met his future wife, and while the gravity of their relationship wouldn't be realized for a while, she was his foundation. By the time his first year of college came around, Gregory had let go of his resentments, not only accepting his step-mother and two young siblings, but celebrating his relationship with them. During this year, he attempted writing his first novel. The attempt didn't go over as well as he would have liked, but he was rewarded with encouragement from those around him, though, he didn't try to take on the daunting task again for a while. After college, he married his high school sweetheart and was thankful to have been lucky enough to have her as his wife. A few months into the marriage, Gregory got another one of his wild ideas; he decided he wanted to develop a video game. The setback: he didn't have a single ounce of experience in that field. So, he started writing a story that would serve as the background for the game. Some of the story pulled from things that had affected him greatly, creating a bond between the written words and his own life. That story turned into a novel. And the process showed him that he wanted to be a writer. It had been there through his entire life, but he failed to see it as a true calling until he finished this novel.

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