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Title: Beautifully Disguised
Series: Beautifully Disguised
Author: Kristen Daray
Genre: YA
Release Date: ? 2016

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Twins separated most of their lives sounds like a Disney movie—Annika grew up that way. Her entire life changes when she decides to enroll in her twin brother’s academy for nine tailed fox spirits called Kumihos. However, she has none of the magical abilities she claims. Forced to disguise herself,  Annika lives in constant fear that someone will see through her deception.

Liam’s entire life depends on a lie. To maintain his family‘s social standing, he must convince everyone he is full-blooded Kumiho. When his twin sister shows up at school, everything balances on the edge of a knife. Telling everyone she is an old family friend, he tries to help her navigate this new life pretending to be something she isn’t. Being discovered would expose the family secret and force them both to face their father’s wrath.

When a shaman tells Marick the deceit of a new girl in his life could jeopardize his future, he instantly suspects the clumsy new girl. Something about her isn’t right, though he can’t quite figure out what. He will stop at nothing to get rid of her before she ruins everything.

But when an ancient evil threatens to destroy everything, secrets and lies are the least of their problems.

Kristen was born in 1991 in Alabama, where she grew up and went to college. Kristen discovered her love for writing when she was 12 and even attempted to write a vampire romance when she was 15. At the age of 21, she returned to a novel written during her senior year of high school and published her debut novel, Gemini of Emreiana. That same year, during her Junior year of college, she wrote and published it's sequel, Gemini the Heir.

When she is not writing, she is an avid reader and T.V junkie. She has a not-so-secret love for K-dramas and anime. In her spare time, she likes playing video games all the way from the Sims to Battlefront.

Kristen also is a very devoted fangirl to Patrick Ryan aka her husband. As a musician, he understands and supports Kristen in her career decision to write novels and inspired her to keep chasing her dreams to the end. They both currently live happily in Nashville with their Doxie puppy, Amai, and timid cat, Gemini.

Kristen currently is working on the last book in the Gemini series, Gemini a Legacy, two serials, and a new series. Kristen announced recently to have a serial release early in 2016 named Beautifully Disguised.


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