Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Title: Hypton 14 
Author: Morgan Hadley 
Genres: Adult, Science Fiction, Thriller
Publication date: March 19th 2015

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…The hungry ones want in…..
It’s 9012, and inside the life-sustaining bio-dome, human men have been extinct for thousands of years. The women have replaced them with sexy robotic male companions, programmed to cook, clean, and satisfy their owners’ most intimate personal requirements.
But there are more creatures left alive outside than anyone ever thought possible.
And some of them want to come in.


Jack eased open the door of Janie's little bedroom, and the night light on the floor illuminated her sleeping form. She lay on her side, facing him, her hands tucked neatly beneath her cheek.
The vision of innocence. But she wasn't, oh no.
He clutched the syringe in his pocket, and took a tiny, silent step into the room. Rodstang's arm was circled around Janie's waist. He raised up on his other elbow, pulling her body in close to him, and bared his teeth, snarling quietly.
Jack wanted to pee himself and run screaming out of the room, but instead he said, "Miss Janie, wake up."
Janie groaned and turned away from him, snuggling up against Rodstang's chest. The Hypton began to rise, never taking his eyes off Jack, the sheet sliding away to reveal a mass of hard shoulder, solid bicep, obliques like cement.
"Miss Janie, wake up." He struggled to keep the panic from his voice, as Rodstang closed in on him.
She sat up in a rush, the blankets flying off. Rodstang paused, rising between them, half blocking Jack's view of Janie.
She laughed. "You look ridiculous," she said. "What the hell are you doing in Rodstang's cape? I'm sure I didn't tell him to pack it."
Jack straightened up in the center of the room, lifted his chin, and thrust out an elbow, causing the cape to swirl in what he hoped was a dramatic fashion. "Not ridiculous," he said. "Romantic."
"I am here to please you."
"Please me?"
"I have special features."
"Yes, I see."
"I am more highly skilled than that one." He nodded toward Rodstang.
"Really? You have better programming than Rodstang?"
Absolutely not, thought Chad.
"Absolutely," he said. "I am programmed to make you feel things you've never felt before." Like death. He lowered his voice, tried to make it sound sexy, almost whispering. "Pleasures you can't imagine, because you never knew they existed." She looked like she was considering it. "You like pleasure, don't you, Miss Janie?"
She didn't say anything, and he took a step in her direction, the cape billowing behind him, concealing his right hand, which held the syringe inside his loose pocket.


I am the author of the futuristic thriller Hypton 14, and I'm writing the sequel next.  Find out when my new books are coming out by following me on Amazon, or stop by my website at Morganhadley.com to sign up for the e-mail list.  Thank you for your interest!

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