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Series: The Visitor's Series
Publisher: Anchor Group
Pages/File Size: 354KB
Formats Available: E-Book

BLURB from Goodreads
The truth can be deadly.

Brylee Branson’s best friend and boyfriend have fallen victim to a horrible curse that haunts her home. With the witches who cast it dead she has no choice but to rely on the ghosts inside the Brown house to help her find a cure. But time is not on her side, because Lynley's illness is spreading rapidly. 

Confused and scared, seventeen-year-old Brylee must confront a new ghost in the house she has never spoken to before. This spirit is not a Brown relative and makes no promises to help them … unless she can re-unite her with a loved one.

The fate of those she loves now rests on her. Can Brylee put the pieces of this puzzle together in time to save them? Or will the Brown house claim another victim? 

The Visitor’s Series continues to scare and entice its readers with this gripping second book.

I received this book via Girls Heart Books Tours in exchange for my honest review and participation in this great blog tour! I read Bk #1 The Brown House by Christy Sloat sometimes ago, and it was a leap from the usual genres I read as it has a horror edge to it. I can imagine these books being made into horror/suspense films or TV shows. It was Christy that gave me the first book my review for it is here. Christy had also contacted me regarding reading the book so I was definitely going to read this book!
The cover of this book is quite dark which really does suit the book as in places that too is very dark and scary. the cover features the "key" which is an important part in the book. Overall I like the cover and think I would pick it up in a book store to learn more about it. I think the font of the title and author name etc is good and I like the way it is "aged" as some of the documents written about in the book are very old too.
So now what can I say about the book without giving too much away regarding the book?
Even though I'd say that horror would be very near the bottom list of reading preferences I have really loved this series of books. This second books sort of picks up more or less straight where Book one left off. The curse is really taking hold onto Lynley and Ephraim. Lyn is losing weight and looks really ill, it almost seems like she is taking the bulk of the curse upon herself and slowly dying in front of their eyes. Ephraim and Lynley's mother Carole is also acting strangley, she's never been overly friendly with Brylee but now she seems totally hostile towards her. Brylee is trying to keep her head and life together despite being able to see and speak to dead people! Things seem to have settled in the house a little and then a "new" ghost turns up. Brylee also feels the atmosphere in the house changing there's feels to be a more scary dangerous feel in the house now. Whilst on a shopping trip a woman grabs hold of Brylee and declares that she know Brylee is a "dead talker". This woman called Hala turns out to be just what Brylee is in need of, a source of knowledge and maybe some help with the curse? Brylee also does some research in the library and meets another ghost there. Brylee is seeing more and more ghosts as the days go on, she finds herself promising to help them "pass over" once she has saved Lynn and Ephraim. But can she save Lynley and Ephraim. How can she get access to the Barclay sisters when they are dead? There are lots of puzzles and unanswered questions that Brylee has to deal with to help her friends.
Brylee's parents even take her away to Califormia for her birthday, I think they are hoping a little distance will maybe put an end to her relationship with Ephraim or cool it down a little. But Brylee can't escape the ghosts. the one thing Brylee is looking forward to and hoping for is that she may get to see Ethan again. His "ghost" has been texting her but will she get to see him and if she does can she help him pass over? How will she cope seeing his parents again as her parents have organised a "family" dinner with them?
I could really go on and on about this book. I do have to say I am pleasantly surprised that I am enjoying a book with a horror edge to it. I admit it has some "hold your breath" moments as well as some "nail biting bits". If it were a movie you'd be hiding behind the cushions!!
So did I enjoy the book? I loved it! Christy is slowly converting me to opening up to books with a horror edge to them. Would I recommend the book? Yes, it would suit all those who love ghosts, horror,suspense and a good mystery too. Would I read a Bk#3? Yes please when can I have it to read?! Would I read other books by Christy Sloat? Yes I intend to.

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