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Series: Eden's Root Trilogy
Publisher: Self/Indie
Pages/File Size: 67pages/186KB
Formats Available: E-Book


BLURB from Goodreads
Given my own enthusiasm for this sort of thing, I’ve decided to release the original backstory of Eden’s Root. For those of you who love the science-fiction aspect of Eden’s Root, I think this will be a winner. I also wanted to reveal this to show how drastically a story can change from first to last drafts. This entire back story was in the first version. It is MUCH more in the vein of traditional science-fiction, which I love, as you know. It has a ton of POVs, and covers a wide range of locations and time periods. In other words, it’s kind of epic. And Eden’s Root began this way. BTW – This is a story mostly of the adults featured in Eden’s Root, so there’s a bit more colorful language. (Plus they’re facing the end of the world people. Give them a **&^% break.) For those of you who wanted to know some of the characters more deeply…here you go.

After finishing read the whole trilogy I couldn't believe that was it! You know when a series is so good you want it to go on forever, that's what I felt with this series. So I had previously tried to get hold of a copy of this prequel novella but had thought it only available in the US. Imagine my surprise and joy when I found it available at!! So I immediately purchased this novella.
The cover is really good and totally represents the novella perfectly. there's the lines of genetic markers as well as a little sprouting plant of some sort. The title and Author name fonts, style and placement all work well.
So is this novella designed to be read before or after the trilogy? Honestly I think it could be read before, after or during the reading of the other books. I of course read it after the trilogy. The prequel sets the scene and explains how the whole famine and disaster occurred.
As the blurb says there are a few f words in there but it is emotional adults we are talking about in this prequel. So adults do swear, I'd say the swear words are minimal really, and always well in context. We meet all the main players in the early stages of the soon to be catastrophe.
The prequel fits well with the series. It's as well written as the actual books are. It is a decent length for a novella too. Not all novella's need to be read but I'd advise reading this one, it kind of finishes the whole series off and ties up some loose ends and perhaps questions such as "but how did this/that happen?" too.
So did I enjoy the prequel novella? Yes, definitely worth reading. Gave the main characters/players in Eden and diaspora another dimension. You see how difficult some of the decisions such as who survived in Eden or diaspora and who where left to their own devices were made and the emotions and motivations behind them. Would I recommend reading it? Yes, this prequel novella is definitely an important part of the whole story. It's literally how the decline began! and Who was behind it. Would I read more in this series? Sadly there is no more books for me to read. I would definitely read a spin off novella, perhaps set a year or two down the line. Especially if it concerned the news that was revealed on the last page of Emergence. Cryptic I know but I am a "no spoiler" reviewer where ever possible! Would I read more books by Rachel E Fisher? Definitely! I love her style of writing and the pace of it too.

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