Wednesday 12 June 2013



“Go.  I will be in touch soon.  I promise, Xander,” Rioden vowed, and then pushed me forward and turned back towards the hotel. 
Whirling quickly, I grabbed Skye’s hand and pulled her along; keeping one hand in my jacket, wrapped about my dagger in case of danger. 
“Come on!  His car is down a few blocks and we need to hurry.”
“Xander, what is he doing?  What’s wrong?” she asked, as she practically ran to keep up with me, her hand squeezing mine tightly. 
After a moment my hand was yanked backwards, and Skye stood there in the street, mulishly looking at me.  I glared at her questioningly and she began to verbally flay me.  “Xander!  What is he doing?  Where are we going?”
“He’s trying to protect us Skye!  Protecting YOU!  We need to go now before they find us!” I snapped.  I continued to try pulling her along, but she wasn’t having it.
“No!  You can’t just leave him there to fight those things by himself!  Go help him!”

“Damn it, Skye!  He told me to leave.  You heard him, and he also told you to listen to me and you said you would.  We have to go NOW!  There aren’t just Semvon back there, but men - trained men - and I…”  The truth crashed down, causing my shoulders to fall as I admitted the truth to her.  “Skye, I don’t think I can win against them.  That’s why he wants us to run.”

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