Saturday 15 June 2013


So I decided to compile a list of Dystopian, Steampunk, Post-Apocalyptic & Zombie books that I have read and reviewed on my blog, or books in a series I have started and want to continue reading. If you'd like to read the reviews they are ALL listed in my A to Z listing under author surname.

The Procedure by Margaret Bell
Helper 12 by Jack Blaine
Outside by Shalini Boland
The Clearing by Shalini Boland
The Spiral Arm by Peter Boland (wishlist, been recommended to me)
The Mers by Ami Blackwelder
The End Of All Things by Lissa Bryan
The Selection by Kiera Cass
The Prince by Kiera Cass
The Elite by Kiera Cass
Breathe by Sarah Crossan
The Blemished (The Blemished Series) by Sarah Dalton (on my to read list)
Wither by Lauren De Stefano
Earth Girl (Earth Girl Bk#1) by Janet Edwards
Earth Star (Earth Girl Bk#2) by Janet Edwards (wishlist)
Zoo (The Enclosure Chronicles) by Tara Elizabeth
The Blight (Eden's Root Bk #0.5) by Rachel E Fisher
Eden's Root (Eden's Root Bk #1) by Rachel E Fisher
Seed's Of War  (Eden's Root Bk #2) by Rachel E Fisher
Emergence (Eden's Root Bk #3) by Rachel E Fisher
The Breeders by Katie French
Nessa A Breeders Story by Katie French
Dark Parties by Sara Grant
Cracks by Caroline Green
Masque Of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin
Imitation by Heather Hildenbrand
Remnant by Sam Hill (to read)
The Great Collapse (Survivors Of The Pulse Bk#1) by Jeff Horton
The Dark Age (Survivors Of The Pulse Bk#2) by Jeff Horton (to read)
The Way Of Nacor (Tales Of Eden Bk#1) by Jeff Horton (to read)
The Last Prophet by Jeff Horton (to read)
Insanity by Aaron Jordan (to read)
Dress Your Marines In White (Monument 14) by Emmy Laybourne (wishlist)
Monument 14 (Monument 14 Bk#1) by Emmy Laybourne
Sky On Fire (Monument 14 Bk#2) by Emmy Laybourne (wishlist)
Aftertime (Aftertime Bk#1) by Sophie Littlefield
Rebirth (Aftertime Bk#2) by Sophie Littlefield) (to read)
Intrusion by Ken MacLeod
Bumped (Bumped Bk#1) by Megan Mcafferty
Thumped (Bumped Bk#2) by Megan Mcafferty
Ashfall (Ashfall Bk#1) by Mike Mullin
Ashen Fall (Ashfall Bk#2) by Mike Mullin (to read)
Birthmarked (Birthmarked Bk#1) by Caragh M O'Brien
Prized (Birthmarked Bk#2) by Caragh M O'Brien
Promised (Birthmarked Bk#3) by Caragh M O'Brien (wishlist)
Delirium (Delrium Bk#1) by Lauren Oliver
Pandemonium (Delirium Bk#2) by Lauren Oliver
Requiem (Delirium Bk#3 ) by Lauren Oliver (wishlist)
Chasers (Alone Bk#1) by James Phelan
Survivor (Alone Bk#2) by James Phelan
Heir To Power (The Healing Crystal) by Michele Poague
Fall Of Eden (The Healing Crystal) by Michele Poague
Ransom (The Healing Cryatal) by Michele Poague (wishlist)
The Baby Merchant by Kit Reed
Enclave by Kit Reed (to read)
The Night Children by Kit Reed (to read)
Divergent (Divergent Bk#1) by Veronica Roth
Insurgent  (Divergent Bk #2) by Veronica Roth (to read)
Alleigant (Divergent Bk#3) by Veronica Roth (wishlist)
The Forest Of Hand and Teeth (Forest Of Hand & Teeth Bk#1) by Carrie Ryan
The Dead Tossed Waves (TFOH&T Bk#2) by Carrie Ryan
The Dark and Hollow Places (TFOH&T Bk#3) by Carrie Ryan
Haremoon (FOH&T Novella) by Carrie Ryan
The Archived by Victoria Schwab (Wishlist)
The Registry by Shannon Stoker 

So have you read all of the above? some of the above? Or do you have other great titles within these genres you'd like to recommend? Leave your recommendations in the comments!

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