Monday 17 June 2013


Darkest Day

Release Date: January 6, 2014
Target Reader: Young Adult

Back of the Book

Mac Thorne’s time as a Changeling is coming to an end.

It may have taken eighteen years, but Mac did finally manage to do what the Council wanted: she chose a teacher and renounced the in-between. 

There’s just one last step. She must say goodbye to her human. Forever.

After being challenged in every way possible, Mac leaves what she thought would be the easiest task for the last possible moment. As midnight on July fourth draws near, though, she hasn’t found a way to give up Winn Thomas.

Nor does she want to.

With time running out, Mac stands at a literal crossroads. 

Choose Winn, and she’ll be stripped of the only family she’s ever known—vampires, dragons, and her favorite demon. Even her own mother. Accept her position on the Council and rule as an equal to her twelve peers, and she’ll forget Winn ever existed. 

Independence and freedom have never before been so limiting.

In this final chapter of the 19th Year Trilogy, it’s time for Mac to decide. 

Responsibility? Or Love?

This cover fits well with the covers of the rest of the series so far, in both colour and style. The cover features two people who look to be in a relationship. I think the female is probably Mac and the male her love interest. There's also the byline that gives a clue as to what is going on in the book "Choose him or let him go" which insinuates that Mac has a very difficult decision to make. the expression of the female on the cover gives the impression that maybe she is feeling as though she is being torn in two directions and doesn't know what to do next.
Then you read the blurb and realise that Mac does in fact have a very important decision to make about her life.
I would also like to add that I have in fact read Book One and really enjoyed it too. Here's the link to my review of book one, After Dark

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